As hair extension on the English technology becomes

As hair extension on the English technology becomes

One of ways of hot hair extension is the English technology. This procedure receives approving comments from women from the different countries because of possibility of correction of hairstyle and other advantages.

The English or pistol building consists in use of organic pitch for fixing of locks of the necessary length. Opportunity to find long curls has number of pluses. The English technology allows to make correction hairstyle at natural growth of hair.

Nuances of the English technology of building

On native hair of the client by the English technique thin locks are increased. They are attached the glue gun loaded with pitch. The small drop of substance is enough to record lock. Tiny pitch capsules are distributed on occipital zone and on temples.

For the English hair extension natural hair are practically always used. You should not be afraid of hot extension of curls, increase in volume and length of hair because of use of additional locks bears minimum of harm to head of hear. Hot English building allows to do hair of natural, it will be very difficult to distinguish the increased hair and the family if attentively to approach to selection of shade of locks. For the English technology choose very thin locks – in them, as a rule, no more than 40 hairs. Organic pitch is safe, and capsules become so small therefore it is almost impossible to see them in hairstyle. If desired it is possible to choose roundish or flat capsules. This technology allows to increase long locks it is possible even on very short hair.

Leaving and adjustment at the English building

The English technology of building does not cause damage to hair, but it is necessary to look after the found head of hear competently. First of all, it is necessary to comb hair correctly not to destroy pitch capsules. For this purpose optimum the massage brush, hairbrush with rare teeths will approach. Before going to bed hair should be collected in tail or braid. On average correction of locks at the English building is necessary every three months. At the same time it is possible to remove hair in a few minutes, for this purpose the master will use the softening liquid. She allows to make capsules soft then they are just combed out. And locks can be used also at the following building. The hot English technology does not affect structure of hair, at such building it is possible to do practically any hair. And even to paint, streak and kolorirovat hair. It is better to use the softest dyes, the increased locks also perfectly transfer change of color. At correction of hairstyle the lock of the hair applied to building is removed, and then it is fixed above on level, is closer to roots of hair. This painless procedure, it does not cause unpleasant feelings. However it is necessary to remember that the hair at detachment of locks can begin to drop out because of comb-out.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team