As hair to make is more dense and longer

As hair to make is more dense and longer

The density of hairstyle depends not only on quantity of the follicles located on the head but also on thickness of each hair. Therefore it is possible to make head of hear dense even if your relatives cannot brag of smart hairstyles. You should not think of genetic predisposition. In case with hair it can be bypassed if to conform to some rules.

It is required to you

  • - vitamins;
  • - hairbrush from natural materials;
  • - hair dryer with the mode of cold air;
  • - crude egg;
  • - onions;
  • - henna;
  • - crumb of rye bread;
  • - professional masks for hair.


  1. Begin to eat properly. Try to use fruit and vegetables regularly. Refuse greasy and fried food. Health of hair directly depends on our food. If the organism receives less useful substances, it very quickly affects appearance. In winter time use complex of vitamins. Also at diet surely there has to be fish.
  2. Regularly comb hair by means of brush from natural materials. It is necessary to do it 5-10 minutes a day, massing head skin. It you improve blood circulation that finally will help with creation of dense hairstyle. Never comb moist hair. It you can damage their scales.
  3. Do not use hot air for drying. Let's hair dry in the natural way better. If such option does not suit you, buy the hair dryer which has mode of cold air.
  4. Use shampoo and balm of one firm. Supplementing each other, they will yield the maximum result. Once a month instead of habitual means use crude egg. It not worse than professional tools is capable to remove dirt and fat. And the amino acids which are in egg improve growth of hair.
  5. Regularly do nutritious masks. It is possible to use national methods or to get professional tools. There is mass of recipes which will help to grow long and dense head of hear.
  6. Cut onions and squeeze out from it juice. It will need to be applied on hair at least for 2 hours. If there is opportunity, leave this mask for longer term. Then wash hair shampoo and apply balm. And at the end of the procedure rinse the head lemon juice to remove unpleasant smell.
  7. Use medical henna if you have not painted hair. In it is not possible to add several drops of essential oil. And instead of water for cultivation to take broth of curative herbs. Take 300 grams of crumb of rye bread and fill in with boiled water. Let's infuse about an hour. Then rub the received gruel in the head. Put on the warming cap. It is necessary to hold this mask 30-40 minutes.
  8. Choose professional masks for hair in which there are extracts of burdock oil, pepper or nettle. These ingredients promote not only improvement, but also intensive growth of hair.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team