As have thought up to draw henna

As have thought up to draw henna

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do resistant tattoo – it is sick, long and expensively. Besides, how to be if the drawing has bothered, or office dress code does not allow it to exist at all? The option – temporary tattoos henna, their history of emergence goes to centuries.

Henna is remarkable natural material. These are the bush leaves which are dried up and well crushed in powder with the poetical name henna. The henna grows only in the countries with tropical climate and low rainfall, usually reaches couple of meters in height, and at night has an effect pungent smell.

bodygirlsIt is accepted to decorate with henna in traditions of many people, but it is not just fashion or whim. Henna – the curative substance having aseptic properties it was applied on body, rubbed in hair, treated it teeth and gums, prevented mass skin diseases. Not in forces to explain its impact on human body, our ancestors have attributed it wonderful properties and have made part of religious cult, obligatory element of some ceremonies. In the modern world the tattoo (mekhest or mekhed at Hindus) face and hands henna is obligatory during the wedding ceremony in Algeria, Iraq, Pakistan, Morocco and other countries, it is part of ceremonies of initiation and men and women.

House painting of body

If you have decided to create the drawing and to paint own body with the florid words of the house (to make biotattoo), try to buy only natural Iranian henna. Usually it is powder in bag of the instruction or the recipe and also recommendations about care for house temporary tattoos. You dissolve powder only with warm water. On 30 grams of henna 2 glasses of water are necessary. Mix long wooden stick, pour in saucepan and bring to boiling, lower fire and prepare half an hour. If proportions are taken correctly, brown weight on density will turn out similar to liquid sour cream. Filter. Stick drip henna on the sheet of dense paper. The drop should not spread. Leave paste for 3-4 hours in heat and without light. In Ancient India solution of henna was learned to be decoloured by means of lemon juice, adding graphite, tried to obtain black and even blue color, and seeds of coffee did color of solution and the drawing chocolate.

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