As henna influences hair

As henna influences hair

For food and growth of hair of the woman use various means. In the best way help hair natural components can. One of such natural means is henna. It not only gives reddish shade, but also well influences condition of hair.


  1. It is possible to carry out by henna both treatment, and prevention of hair. And, it is not obligatory to change their color for this purpose. Usually henna gives red or bronze shade, but happens also colourless. It is necessary to remember that it is necessary to buy this dye in specialized shops as cheap bags in supermarkets and even drugstores are nothing but mix of dyes with the dust of plants which has remained from processing. The real Iranian henna is rather expensive, but also helps hair perfectly.
  2. Henna gets deeply into structure of hair, envelops it, influencing it the components from within. These components render medical, nutritious and anti-inflammatory effect, stick together scales of hair together, without allowing them to split. The same quality of dye does hair more dense, fills them with volume.
  3. Henna is natural antioxidant, acts as the soft conditioner after which hair perfectly comb hair, get shine and smoothness. It perfectly nourishes head skin, strengthens roots of hair, without allowing them to drop out, interferes with appearance of dandruff.
  4. Besides, elements of this natural dye bring all chemicals out of hair, do not allow them to get inside again. For this reason henna is not recommended to apply after chemical paints, highlighting, wave, artificial masks. Henna negatively reacts with other substances, and reaction it will be difficult to be predicted. Perhaps, hair will get strange shade, also the fact that they will become fragile and dim is probable.
  5. For the same reason you should not try to paint hair at once after processing by their henna. In most cases they will not be able to get the necessary shade as paint just will not break through henna layer. But also more deplorable results when the hair color becomes spotty are probable. Happens that coloring by chemical paint after henna happens without problems, but nevertheless you should not risk the beauty.
  6. Of course, it is necessary to consider that for different type of hair the influence of henna will be various. So, some girls complain that this natural dye dries hair, does them fragile. And it is actually possible. It is better to apply henna to people with normal or oily hair as dry hair can suffer from its influence. And, of course, nobody excludes individual intolerance of henna and developing of allergy to it.
  7. Also the problem of split ends in case of use of henna is known. It occurs because henna, as well as any dye, gets into structure of hair, thereby shifting its scales. However henna is natural dye therefore harm for hair at it is shown only at stage of violation of integrity of its scales, in all the rest only the advantage is noticeable. Whereas chemical dyes can seriously harm hair.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team