As highlighting of hair will look

As highlighting of hair will look

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Highlighting of hair became popular for a long time, and not only among women, but also among men. By means of such technology of coloring, unique images without cardinal change of hair color are created.

When highlighting hair, separate locks of different or identical thickness are painted, is one tone lighter or are more dark than the main shade. The literal value of the term "highlighting" means mixing of flowers. On how highlighting of hair as a result will look, not only correctly picked up shade, but also frequency of locks and their volume influences. To determine all these parameters and it is correct make choice of tones only the qualified specialist can. On shelves of shops it is possible to find sets for highlighting in house conditions. But, considering the complexity of process, hope to execute it is qualitatively almost equal to zero. Without having sufficient skills of use of special accessories, it is possible to gain boomerang effect, that is not to create beauty, and to absolutely spoil what is given by the nature.

Operations procedure when highlighting hair

Before coloring on the head the special hat with openings through which by means of hook for hair separate locks on which the painting structure is applied are taken out puts on. If change of color of more volume curls is supposed, then foil strips are used. Besides, such method gives one more important advantage – at such way of coloring it is possible not to limit the choice of flowers and to use several shades. Hats use when putting paint on separate locks of straight short hair, and strips from foil – on the curling long hair. To separate independently locks and to apply on them paint it is quite problematic - it is one more argument in favor of holding procedure in salon or hairdressing salon.

Various technicians of highlighting and their feature

Classical technology of highlighting is the easiest and popular way. It assumes coloring of lock on all length one tone lighter than primary color. The Californian method allows to create effect of the locks which have burned out in the sun and as a result gives gentle contrast, often hardly the noticeable, reminding modulations of curls. Such method is the most sparing for structure of hair. Highlighting in a Venetian way is applied on dark hair and gives the chance to cardinally change image. Apply paint of honey, sand, chocolate or wheaten shades on locks or their certain sites that allows to create bright patches of light. The balayazh method is coloring of tips of hair on all volume. Owners of short hairstyles can change color to 1 cm of length, and long hair give the chance of change to 10 cm. Plus such way is that if it is not pleasant as highlighting of hair will look, it is possible to get rid easily of it, without prejudice to image and image in general.

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