As honey saves from cellulitis

As honey saves from cellulitis

In fight against cellulitis has perfectly proved usual honey. Various procedures with application of this means offer beauty shops, but the same procedures it is possible and it is necessary to carry out in house conditions.


1. Honey has unique properties and well influences skin. Application stimulates it blood circulation in skin, promotes food of internal fabrics, brings unnecessary and harmful toxins out of organism, does skin soft.

2. One of saloon techniques can call honey wrapping. Thanks to this procedure, skin receives not only food, but also moistening, becomes very gentle and silky. As a result of honey wrapping the organism is cleaned, accumulation of fats decreases, and exchange processes in hypodermic fat cellulose accelerate that promotes decrease in manifestations of cellulitis.

3. To make honey wrapping of the house even the warm blanket will not be required. Before doing this procedure it is necessary to purify skin by means of peeling, to make massage and to visit shower (ideally – sauna). After that honey needs to be applied on problem zones of body and to wrap these places food wrap. Duration of the procedure of honey wrapping has to be no more than half an hour then it is necessary to take shower and to have a rest.

4. Well honey massage helps against cellulitis. Its performance requires several spoons of not become candied honey. It is applied directly on the problem site, then sharply press palm to this place and also sharply torn off. By means of such pats which intensity needs to be increased, honey is driven in into problem sites of skin.

5. Soon from skin the unpleasant weight settling on hands begins to be allocated. Duration of honey massage – no more than ten minutes then it is necessary to take shower and to grease the skin with the moisturizing cream. The procedure of honey massage is a little painful and can cause appearance of bruises. But also effect of its application really fantastic.

6. In fight against cellulitis you should not hope only for wonderful properties of honey, it is necessary to perform complex treatment, and then the result will not keep waiting for itself.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team