As house means to bleach teeth

As house means to bleach teeth

beginning bleaching of teeth independently, consult with the stomatologist. He has to carry out the test for sensitivity and structure of enamel, some house means are contraindicated at diseases of gums and friable covering of tooth. In office to you can pick up also special mouthpiece from soft plastic which you will fill with gel for bleaching.

It is required to you

  • - baking soda;
  • - hydrogen peroxide;
  • - the bleaching gel;
  • - cap;
  • - bleaching stik;
  • - the bleaching adhesive strips;
  • - the bleaching paste;
  • - strawberry and apples.


  1. The bleaching gel with which is filled cap contains solution of peroxide of carbamide or hydrogen peroxide. It is possible to carry such product only hour if teeth have high sensitivity of enamel. The result will be noticeable in about two weeks, effect rather resistant. But also such method has enough minuses - enamel collapses, the irritation of gums appears. Unpleasant consequences will be less if to choose gel with the content of peroxide of 3% and less.
  2. There are also special adhesive strips impregnated with bleach, they need to be pasted on teeth. It is convenient to do it for the night. Means on strips not such caustic, but its minus that the acting parts of teeth will be better bleached, than cavities between them.
  3. Buy special gel which needs to be applied with brush. It will stiffen and will remain on teeth, will not be dissolved by saliva yet. The noticeable result will require not less than two weeks.
  4. Ask in drugstore the clarifying gel in stacks. It is necessary to delete it in five minutes. It will not be able to clarify all teeth, but will remove dark stains from wine, tea, coffee and cigarettes.
  5. Do not take the first bleaching paste that will catch sight to you. These means on the basis of soda, chalk and other abrasives will just remove the raid formed on teeth. If paste is made on the basis of chemical agents, it will delicately split proteinaceous structure of raid and will not damage enamel. Alternate the bleaching pastes to usual.
  6. The most pleasant, safe and tasty means are strawberry and apples. It is possible to wipe with berries teeth, to rinse mouth svezheotzhaty juice or to make puree and to brush it teeth. There will be easy clarification of enamel at the expense of the plant acids which are contained in fruits.
  7. Caress oral cavity soda of times a week. Wipe teeth with the Q-tips moistened in hydrogen peroxide. Use serially several means to achieve the best effect. Try to drink drinks which paint enamel of teeth, through straw.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team