As in 10 days to gather in stomach

As in 10 days to gather in stomach

The most certain way to put the figure in order - to work slowly and elaborately, combining trainings and healthy food. However there are situations when it is necessary to get rid of problem zone as soon as possible, especially, if it is about stomach. It is necessary to understand that it is impossible to burn excess fat completely for so short term, but it is possible to make stomach rather flat even in 10 days.

  • - diet:
  • - trainings;
  • - cosmetic procedures.

1. Change the diet, essential part of success depends on it. You should not go on rigid diets, on the contrary, your nutrition has to be sufficient, but at the same time it is necessary to eat fractionally (5-6 times a day) and small portions. Such mode will help not only to get rid of extra kilos, but also to gradually reduce stomach volume. Exclude all products which detain liquid: all salty, milk and also plain carbohydrates. At the same time drink not less than 2 liters of water a day not to provoke appearance of hypostases. Try to make so that each main meal has included protein. Eat complex carbohydrates and useful fats till 16 o'clock, and for dinner - proteinaceous products and greens.

2. Be engaged in cardiotrainings as they will help you to gather in stomach for the shortest term. It can be walking, run, work on the exercise bike, ellipse or the stepper. Occupation can last from 30 to 60 minutes. All this time you have to work in your personal fat-burning pulse. You will see the first changes not in 10 days, and much earlier. That the result was notable, be engaged on hungry stomach, and do the first meal not earlier than in 40-50 minutes. Before the occupations be convinced that you have no heart troubles. The similar mode should not be applied constantly: it works only as short-term emergency measure.

3. Carry out the exercises narrowing waist and doing stomach to flat. To achieve the goal in 10 days, you should not begin power trainings with burdenings. Give preference to combination of respiratory and static loads. Quickly such popular systems as Pilates, bodiflex or oksisayz remove volumes. Technology of their performance is various, but at the same time is equally effective.

4. To make waist of thinner, and stomach flat in only 10 days you will be helped by saloon procedures. Among them - lymphatic drainage massage, infrared sauna, LPG. Influence mechanisms at such procedures are various, however the effect is reached quite obvious: excess liquid is removed from problem zone, puffiness leaves, and splitting of fats accelerates. Do not forget that saloon methods will be much more effective at observance of diet and regular physical activities.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team