As in house conditions to get rid of black dots

As in house conditions to get rid of black dots

Black dots are formed on the T-zone (on nose, chin and forehead) as a result of blockage of sebaceous glands. Large number of people of any age faces this problem. Begin fight against black dots by means of the checked ways, so there is a wish to get rid of imperfections of skin and to enjoy healthy shine and beauty of the person.

It is required to you

  • - dried flowers of camomile;
  • - sterile bandage;
  • - disinfecting lotion;
  • - egg;
  • - lemon juice;
  • - aloe juice;
  • - oat-flakes flakes;
  • - baking soda or boric acid;
  • - kefir.


1. It is possible to clean face from comedones in house conditions by means of manual cleaning. By the way, if it is correct to make everything, the effect will not be worse at all, than after saloon cleaning. At first it is necessary to steam out face skin that time has revealed. For this purpose it is necessary to prepare camomile broth. Take couple of tablespoons of dried flowers of camomile pharmaceutical and fill in with abrupt boiled water, put on water bath, you cook on slow fire within ten minutes. Then bend over steam and cover from above the head with towel (do not bend too low to avoid burn). Steam out skin within fifteen minutes. Disinfect fingers of hands and wrap them sterile bandage or napkin. After that begin to delete black dots by accurate pressing. It is in conclusion recommended to wipe skin with disinfecting lotion and to impose mask for narrowing of time.

2. Prepare the cleaning mask against black dots. For its preparation it is necessary to mix one crude egg white, two teaspoons of svezheotzhaty juice of lemon and the same amount of juice of leaves of aloe in glasswares. Carefully mix all components and apply half of the prepared structure to the cleaned face skin (only on problem sites). When the mask completely dries up, apply the structure rest to skin. In fifteen minutes wash cool mineral water. Repeat this procedure two times a week.

3. Take small handful of flakes of oat-flakes and crush them in the coffee grinder. Mix tablespoon of the crushed flakes with pinch of baking soda or three drops of boric acid. Dilute the received mix with kefir, dense and uniform gruel as a result has to turn out. Impose mask on problem sites of skin and leave for fifteen minutes. After that roll mask moist fingers, wash cool water.

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