As in house conditions to get rid of cellulitis on hips

As in house conditions to get rid of cellulitis on hips

Cellulitis on hips – at all not sentence to lifelong wearing beach wrap on the beach. Correction of food, physical exercises and regular cosmetic procedures in house conditions will help to get rid of hated "orange-peel".

First of all it is necessary to know that cellulitis forms not only fat. The lymph delay in fabrics prevents normal blood circulation and skin nourishment, as leads to formation of lumps from fat cages. Begin fight for equal and elastic skin of body with refusal of fried, sharp and smoked products which provoke strong delay of liquid in organism. It is also desirable to refuse coffee or at least to replace soluble drink natural, from ground grains.

Use more cellulose, fermented milk products and drink a lot of clean still mineral water. Replace habitual sweets with bitter chocolate.

Folic acid (In 9) and vitamin C well influence condition of skin and metabolism. Try to saturate as much as possible the diet with these substances or accept vitamins B tablets.

Inactive way of life and sedentary work – the best friends of cellulitis, and the yogi, swimming and fast walking – his enemies. All exercises on study of muscles of hips are effective also in fight against cellulitis: slow squats with direct back of 15-20 times on 3 approaches, moves legs back and aside, tightening of ball knees.

Carrying out physical exercises, you monitor breath – muscular efforts (pushes, moves) have to fall on exhalation.

Cosmetic anti-cellulite procedures in house conditions yield excellent results if to carry out them regularly and to combine wrapping and massage. All necessary ingredients for preparation of natural srubs and wrappings can be bought without effort in the nearest drugstore and grocery store. Before carrying out wrapping it is necessary to purify well skin by means of srub. Crush several tablespoons of rice and peas in the coffee grinder, add as much sea salt and white cosmetic clay. Mix components and fill in them with warm water before formation of dense gruel. Intensively mass mix problem places. Wash away srub warm water, you will be wiped dry. Algal wrappings are prepared from sheet laminaria or powder of brown seaweed. Sheet forms of seaweed presoak in water of room temperature for 30 minutes, then impose on the parts of the body affected with cellulitis and turn in food wrap. Powder of seaweed is gradually added to water, constantly stirring slowly, before formation of homogeneous mass. Let's structure infuse within 10 minutes then apply on problem places. For strengthening of effect turn back food wrap, put on dense trousers or shorts and lay down under warm blanket for 40 minutes. Well splits fat and activates blood circulation of wrapping with honey. Mix 30 gr. ground oat flakes with three spoons of rather thin honey and spoon of cocoa powder. Add several drops of essential oil of cinnamon to mix, carefully stir and warm up structure a little. Apply to skin, wrap film. Wrapping time: hour.

Make sure that you have no allergy to the used products: apply a little mix on elbow bend. If in 15 minutes skin has not reddened, the itch has not developed – safely start wrapping.

After wrapping take contrast shower and apply to skin oil with anti-cellulite effect. (Olive, almond, peach) add to any base oil on several drops of essential oils of orange, patchouli and bergamot. Mass skin before reddening and feeling of easy burning.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team