As in house conditions to make hair thick

As in house conditions to make hair thick

The dense head of hear is subject of pride of the woman. But what to do if the nature has not awarded with smart hair? It is possible to correct situation in house conditions, using small cunnings.

Visual giving of volume to hair

Modern shampoos and balms which constantly show in mass media create only visual volume, but practically do not influence thickness of the hair. The special substances which are part of cosmetic lines form protective film at the expense of which the hairstyle looks more magnificent and volume.

houseconditionsIt is possible to do hair more attractive in by means of laid on locks which rather easily fasten to bulk. At the correct selection for structure and shade they practically do not differ from natural therefore are suitable for solemn occasions and special actions.

Of course, the most effective are procedures for strengthening and thickening of structure of hair. For this purpose reasonablly regularly to put various masks and folk remedies. The main advantage is usability in house conditions.

Thick hair in house conditions

First of all, hair of the person need qualitative food. For this purpose it is necessary to diversify food allowance, having enriched it with vitamins and useful microelements. It is necessary to protect head of hear from negative impact of external factors therefore the structure of hair becomes thinner, weak, dry. In hot and cold season it is recommended to carry headdress which prevents loss and thinning of curls.

The negative impact on hair is made by direct sunshine, low temperature, precipitation, wind, heat.

Effective national recipes at regular use for short term allow to make hair more dense and strong: - before washing to put and careful to rub mix of castor and burdock oil in roots; - once a week to rub grass infusion from rosemary, sage, mint, basil with addition of 2-3 drops of oil of lavender and mint, apple cider vinegar

At dry hair it is reasonable to part apple cider vinegar with water.

; - for stimulation and food of hair you put barmy mask (1 tablespoon of dry yeast, 1 egg yolk, 1 tablespoon of burdock oil, 10 drops of essential oil, 2 tablespoons of grass broth); - the follicle nut mask from almonds (to crush 5 tablespoons of nuts, to add some milk before obtaining kashitseobrazny consistence) strengthens work therefore locks become more dense; - favorably fermented milk products affect density and condition of head of hear: whey, curdled milk, kefir.

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