As in house conditions to make lymphatic drainage facial massage

As in house conditions to make lymphatic drainage facial massage

To keep skin youth, to smooth mimic wrinkles and to improve appearance, it is possible by means of lymphatic drainage massage. It is easy to carry out this procedure in house conditions. It is necessary to acquire the basic principles of massage and to allocate 15 minutes for its execution. At the correct leaving, skin will become elastic and beautiful that will allow to lift self-assessment and to create excellent mood.

Lymphatic drainage massage perfectly influences human body. By means of massage, small wrinkles are smoothed, the face form improves and skin youth remains.

What is lymph

The lymphatic drainage type of massage is most effective for rejuvenation of organism as with its help the lymph flow improves. The problem of lymph is clarification and removal of hazardous substances which collect in organism. It removes toxins, viruses and the remains of dead cages. Except clarification, lymphatic system regulates amount of liquid in intercellular space.

The lymph moves on special vessels which are stretched on organism. Its current occurs very slowly. Unlike blood system, current of lymph occurs not at the expense of pressure and muscular contractions, and by means of the system of valves, and reductions of skeletal muscles. As the speed of lymph is small, and per day manages to serve organism only six times, the person for acceleration of lymph flow should lead active lifestyle.

Sedentary work, stressful situations and improper feeding slow down functioning of lymphatic system. Therefore it is very important to play sports, to walk in the fresh air and not to overeat. Improvement of lymph flow is promoted by massage. Such procedure can be carried out easily in house conditions.

Massage performance independently

Before starting the procedure, it is necessary to get acquainted with contraindications for lymphatic drainage massage. Diseases at which categorically it is impossible to use this technique not so much:

  • Various inflammatory processes on skin.
  • Infectious diseases.
  • Hypertension.
  • Violation of blood clotting.

Even if the person has no listed diseases, then before the procedures it is worth consulting with the doctor.

Technology of performing massage

To perform the procedure, it is necessary to prepare skin correctly. For preparation of integument, it is necessary to make steam bath. It is recommended to do with use of herbs which promote clarification of time. For example, it is possible to use camomile, this plant will be suitable for any type of skin.

Lymphatic drainage facial massage is done from top to down. At first mass forehead, then zone of eyes, cheeks and chin. The movement of hands is begun from the center of forehead and move to the periphery, that is to temples. During massage you should not press excessively on skin and to stretch it. Otherwise the boomerang effect will be gained and wrinkles will increase. Movements have to be stroking and slow. If massage leaves pleasant feelings, then the procedure is made truly.

It is especially accurately necessary to treat area of eyes. Skin under eyes thin and gentle, it is easy to stretch or injure it. At massage of zone of eyes make circular motions which begin from external corners of eyes on lower eyelid, then on upper eyelid from nose bridge to external corner. For these movements it is better to use middle or ring fingers of hands.

Massage of cheeks needs to be begun from the center of lips and to advance hands to ears and temples. At massage of chin of the movement begin from the center and advance hands towards ears, at the same time it is necessary to form beautiful face form.

In completion of the procedure it is possible to clap slightly fingertips all sites of the person on which massage is made. At the same time there is easy reddening, but it is normal reaction of skin, and the redness passes within 15 minutes. Lymphatic drainage massage is done by two times a week for two months, then it is necessary to take break for six months. The effect of the procedure remains for year.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team