As in house conditions to remove nasolabial folds

As in house conditions to remove nasolabial folds

How to remove nasolabial folds house conditions? Sooner or later many ask such question. Folds will appear at any person, irrespective of floor or age. Some are solved on expensive operations. But whether it is possible to get rid of nasolabial folds in house conditions?

Nasolabial folds look as two lines from nose tip to mouth corners. Everyone can notice them if smiles broadly. They are imperceptible if skin in good condition. However over time will be visible much more distinctly.

It is impossible to prevent appearance of these wrinkles. Even the complete elimination of smile from the life will not help. To get rid of nasolabial folds of the house, the whole complex of actions will be required. It is difficult to achieve result for short period. But methodically and consistently carrying out each step, it is possible to receive notable result.

The easiest ways

If you are young, and your skin is fresh and healthy, you will suit only preventive methods. Here belong:

  • good nutrition;
  • disposal of addictions (any tobacco and alcohol minimum);
  • normal, healthy sleep;
  • face skin care.

The last point needs in explanation. It is not about complex procedures in salons, and about use of house masks and creams. However their quantity needs to be dosed strictly. Otherwise there can be rejection.

Gymnastics and massages

If the above-stated methods have not helped, it is possible to resort to massage and gymnastics for the person. Techniques and versions exists much. From the most widespread it is possible to mention the following:

  • Gymnastics for accurate diction.
  • Indian and Japanese acupressures.
  • Modern techniques.

To remove nasolabial folds house conditions, it is optional to choose only as some of points. The combination of these and other techniques can improve effect.

Gymnastics for accurate diction

Announcers and leaders of many TV channels before ether pronounce tongue twisters and do front gymnastics. To get rid of nasolabial wrinkles, it is possible to take some of exercises:

  • inflate cheeks until you feel tension;
  • extend lips "tubule";
  • open mouth letter "O".

There are also other exercises. But their sense is in as much as possible to stretch lips and skin around them. Regular repetition will reduce the speed of appearance of wrinkles.

Indian and Japanese acupressures

People in the ancient time those problems of which modern society thinks also worried. So, for example, in India and Japan have been developed technology of acupressures. Some of them still practice masters of east medicine. The main essence consists in pressing and circular rotations.

  • Put fingertips on corners of lips.
  • Mass them with easy pressing of 30 - 40 seconds.
  • Take semi-minute break and repeat.

Modern techniques

All techniques which help to remove nasolabial wrinkles house conditions anyway are modern. Thought up several centuries ago, technicians change and reach us.

However there are methods which have been developed by our contemporaries. Some of them can consider Carol Maddzhio. The famous American cosmetologist, she has opened the clinic and has created technique of "sculptural gymnastics". It includes many exercises. Here only one of them:

  • Designate two points over the middle of upper and lower lips.
  • Open mouth so that they formed oval at which tops these points were located.
  • Quickly you drive forefingers nasolabial folds to feeling of burning. 

Remember that in fight against mimic wrinkles the regularity and regularity is important. One or two days of occupations will not give effect. Make to yourself the plan for month, week and every day for the best effectiveness. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team