As in short terms to take away the second chin

As in short terms to take away the second chin

Unfortunately, the second chin can arise not only because of completeness, but also in consequence of genetic predisposition. It is possible to get rid of it and in house conditions, without surgical intervention. Depending on age and your body, the number of exercises and their duration can be various. Anyway, exit is, as well as examples of great number of the women who are successfully practicing this technique.

Exercises for your chin:

- The most widespread and effective exercise of "Pat". They need to be carried out the backs of hands. Fingers are densely pressed to each other, and hands are strained. Serial movements, fast, in the direction from neck to the person. "Easy drainage" of chin skin until you feel in it small numbness, at least 1-2 minutes. This exercise can be done many times for day.

- It is very strong to pull chin muscles for 5-10 seconds, having lifted up the head up, and then to weaken. Repeat each exercise of 7-10 times.

- Having extended lips forward, it is necessary to say accurately sounds "oh, at, and". Serially straining and weakening, repeat each sound of 7-10 times.

- Movements by the head in different directions are quite effective, kind of "drawing" cross, at serial tension and relaxation of muscles of chin.

15-20 minutes of daily occupations (they can be divided 10 minutes in the morning and in the evening) will save you from excess rotundity of the person in several months. It is not necessary to be upset because of term duration, any healthy form requires constant attention and trainings. That is, maintenance of sound mind in sound body from you will require a little discipline and constancy.

To make these procedures is more pleasant and more effective, it is possible to add to them the nutritious and tightening masks and wrappings.

Mix thick mashed potatoes and a half spoon of salt and 1 teaspoon of honey. Still apply warm weight on chin (to the middle of neck) and tie gauze or fabric bandage for 30-40 minutes.

Masks can be done of cosmetic clay with addition of milk to humidify and saturate skin.

Contrast wrappings with strong broth of St. John's wort and bark of oak. For 10-15 minutes serially put the cold and very hot gauze bandages moistened in broth to chin. At the end of the procedure rinse neck with cool water or the same broth.

The listed above procedures occupy maximum to 30 minutes, and the effect and the joy of elastic skin and the tightened chin will lighten the mood the whole day.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team