As increase eyelashes in salon

As increase eyelashes in salon

Eyelash extension is the safe and painless procedure therefore it gains the increasing popularity. In beauty shop it is carried out by the diplomaed masters. Following their advice, it is possible to carry the increased eyelashes constantly, from time to time carrying out adjustment.

There are different types of building: Japanese (poresnichny), traditional building by bunches, extension of 3D eyelashes and so on. From that, building has been how correctly made, duration of carrying eyelashes depends. Therefore it is recommended to perform the procedure only at the skilled master. The good master by all means has to discuss with you what effect you want to achieve by means of building. It is possible to make that the increased eyelashes looked naturally. And also it is possible to create theatrical look by means of 3 D eyelashes. The master has to study shape of face, landing of eyes that by means of building to make appearance brighter and memorable. By means of artificial eyelashes it is possible to correct the dropped corners of eyes, to increase small eyes and so on.

Before the procedure of building the master cleans eyelashes from the make-up remains, and then passes to degreasing of eyelashes by means of special liquids. To remove natural fats very important, otherwise eyelashes will not sit down on glue and to keep very badly.

The procedure of building happens in prone position on couch or on special folding chairs. During the procedure you have to feel comfortably and comfortably. The master begins to increase eyelashes from edge of eye, accurately pasting on one eyelash. Eyelashes are located very close to roots: the space makes 0.5 or 1 mm from growth of eyelashes. Artificial tips should not touch eyelid when opening eyes.

Thickness of the increased eyelashes varies from 0.07 to 0.3 mm. Often the producer calls eyelashes as sable, mink or silk, meaning the specific thickness of product. Length of eyelashes has very broad running start: from 6 to 14 mm. The most popular length: 8, 10, 12 mm. Also eyelashes can have various bend. It is called as letters: D, J, C. With are the only a little tightened up eyelashes. D - these are strongly tightened up eyelashes. Form J is closest to natural bend of eyelashes. Sometimes masters divide process of building into several stages. During the first approach 30 eyelashes on one eye are pasted, then the first stage is performed for the second eye. After the master returns to the first eye again and so on. Such method of building is good the fact that it does not stick together eyelash. Duration of carrying poresnichny building depends on service conditions. If you do not subject eyelash to mechanical influence, can safely pass with them 3 weeks, and then go to correction. Average term of carrying such eyelashes: 2 weeks. Puchkovy building differs in the fact that eyelashes in this case are collected in bunch. For their gluing the master uses already other glue. It is possible to increase eyelashes bunches at most for week. Usually this method is used for certain dates: birthday, wedding or anniversary. Building by bunches has one essential shortcoming: if even one bunch drops out, it at once becomes noticeable.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team