As is less in the evening

As is less in the evening

dinner − obstacle in way to beautiful figure. But it is so difficult to refuse it! Not to suffer in the evening, eat during the day properly. Development of diet will demand time and will power, but already in few weeks you get used to the new schedule and the quantity of evening having a snack will significantly decrease.


  1. Do not refuse breakfast. Nutritionists recommend to begin day with portion of complex carbohydrates and hot drink. Svezhesvarenny porridge, whole-grain bread with cheese and jam, flakes with milk — choose option which seems to you the most appetizing. Surely wash down breakfast with tea, coffee or cocoa. Does not place also the fresh juice half diluted with water. Such breakfast will allow to keep sense of fulness at several o'clock.
  2. The lunch has to be not too plentiful. Replace meal from several dishes with soup and salad. If you love meat, eat fast chicken, veal or ragout with large number of vegetables. Refuse fat semi-finished products and large portions of garnish. Too nourishing lunch will stretch stomach and in several hours that will demand repetition of meal.
  3. Reduce portions. 100 g of meat and 200 g of garnish − are quite enough for saturation. Do not perceive bread as indispensable additive to all dishes. Instead of several chunks of bread give a few toast to soup or green salad, prepared without oil.
  4. Exclude beer from diet. Evening sit-round gathering with glass of frothy beverage − way to right violation of all rules of healthy food. Alcohol detains in organism water and kindles appetite. The most useful option of dinner − piece of low-fat meat with green salad or vegetables. The last can be fresh, stewed or steamed.
  5. Reconsider home storage. Do not buy harmful products which are eaten "between times". Chocolate bars, corn sticks, sunflower seeds, nuts, salty fish − these and similar products should not get on your table. Having begun to eat them, you will hardly be able to stop. If the habit to chew is invincible, replace high-calorie snacks and snack with fresh vegetables pieces of cucumber, carrots, green peas.
  6. Do not buy large number of fruit. You will hardly eat at one go half a kilo of candies. And here 500 g of grapes or sweet cherry will disappear from plate imperceptibly. Eat fruit only during breakfast or afternoon snack and precisely dose portions. Couple of tangerines, apple or large peach — for one meal of it is quite enough.
  7. Drink more water during the day. If after dinner you want to eat, be limited to glass of mint tea with honey spoon - such drink will calm stomach and will help to fall asleep quicker.
  8. Very effective means from unplanned dinners — easy sports loading. Several hours prior to dream it is possible to do gymnastics — kalanetiky, yoga, stretching. You should not overload organism, but moderate physical activities will remove feeling of hunger and will provide organism with endorphines.
  9. You do not sit at the TV, checking all programs in a row. Leave alone the computer. Conversations with house, will help you to forget walks, needlework about food. Also do not sit up − late the lack of dream provokes excessive appetite. You go to bed a bit earlier, in the morning you are waited by tasty and useful breakfast.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team