As it is beautiful to collect hair

As it is beautiful to collect hair

It is not enough to have smart head of hear, it is necessary to know still how to do beautiful and original hair. There is set of ways how effectively to collect hair. Thick and long hair perfectly will look even in braid most just. And the braid can form basis for hairstyles.


  1. Stars often do negligent braids and not only in everyday life, but also on celebrations. It is very simple to create such hairstyle. For a start wash up the head. It is desirable shampoo for volume. Put skin and dry up them without use of hairbrush. Then take away hair on one party and weave braid. Pull out couple of locks from braid. Record the end result varnish.
  2. It is impossible to bypass of course attention the most widespread way as the French braid which can be carried out in several options. It is necessary for performance of classical French braid in process of weaving of braid in the ordinary equipment on the course to interweave new locks. She can be very weak. For this weaving big locks on occipital part of the head are used. Having mastered this tactics, you can start weaving of more difficult braids. The braid can become very good solution of question as it is beautiful to braid hair for every day. It is fine addition and will be suitable for any clothes style. With suit of strict breed the hair weaved and laid by node on the top perfectly approach.
  3. Tails are also very popular. Make high tail. Weaken a few elastic band at horses and pull out two locks on each side. Tousle tail. Here also very stylish hairstyle for every day is ready.
  4. Laying effect of wet hair. Wash up hair and put skin for laying. Then dry up hair phenom with hen diffuser. Process varnish. Everything is ready. It is also possible to comb them and to make tail in the lower occipital zone, chop off it invisible beings in bunch and the evening hairstyle is ready. And you are ready to submit all in the irresistible way.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team