As it is beautiful to decorate nails with rhinestones and it is reliable to fix them

As it is beautiful to decorate nails with rhinestones and it is reliable to fix them

Manicure with rhinestones always looks distinguished and is found. It is done both for solemn occasions, and for daily exit. This type of design, perhaps, will never get out of fashion.

It is required to you

  • - transparent gel
  • - rhinestones of the different sizes
  • - dots
  • - thin brush


1. For a start choose the drawing from rhinestone which you would like to see on the nails. On photo examples of simple, but beautiful arrangement rhinestone are given. Further is considered as it is correct and reliable to fix them.

2. Rhinestones fasten on already ready covering. I.e. on nail the manicure has to be already made, nails are covered with color gel polish and top. Just on dry-through top rhinestones also fasten. If he at you with sticky layer, then stickiness surely acts.

3. Take dots, you dip into transparent gel and you place small drops in those places where there have to be rhinestones. They have to be not too big that rhinestones did not drown, otherwise the design will look inaccurately.

4. Dotsy while it has stickiness from gel, take the same after one rhinestone and place on places where have dripped gel. Further the design is dried in lamp.

5. Take thin brush, dip it into gel and cover around everyone rhinestones, already stiffened on our design. Again put to dry in lamp.

6. For bigger reliability and in case nevertheless gel has been applied not really exactly, smudges from gel can be disguised slightly, having covered nail with top. But it is necessary to cover accurately, covering rhinestones with top around, but not from above. Otherwise rhinestones will lose the gloss. Further dry in lamp. Working thus, you will long carry rhinestones without being afraid that in several days they will fall off.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team