As it is beautiful to dye house hair

As it is beautiful to dye house hair

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Whether perhaps beautifully and correctly to dye hair in house conditions? Yes, if to observe the instruction on packing and several additional rules.

Principle of work of hair-dye

Three making elements are the cornerstone of any paint: alkali, hydrogen peroxide, artificial pigment. Alkali kind of "loosens" structure of hair that it became porous, and peroxide of hydrogen has freely got to hair core. Then directly peroxide clarifies natural pigment in order that on hair artificial has appeared.

How to dye house hair

So, you have decided to dye hair independently. At once prevention: exactly as on box with paint you will achieve color from the girl only if you have picked up paint under the tone of hair and in general paint the head of hear for the first time. In other cases of distortion not to avoid. If you dye hair for the first time, process all length. At repeated colourings you apply paint only on roots, otherwise you risk to receive absolutely different tone of hair at roots and on tips over time. For length pick up the tinting shampoos and use them few times in week.

How many it is necessary to hold paint

In general time is specified in the instruction. Let's say if 40-60 minutes are written, so these 20 minutes you receive right color. When coloring consider structure of your hair. On straight hair – most specified hold time of paint, on wavy – between minimum and maximum, on curly – the minimum hold time.

For what in packing the conditioner

The special conditioner right after coloring contains very low pH level that allows to smooth hair scales so great. Otherwise all pigment would be washed up, be not in time you and eye to blink. So never neglect the conditioner after coloring!

How to be if coloring unsuccessful

The simplest is to turn into more dark tone to hide failure. If you want to receive color is lighter, then to you the road only to salon. Paint in itself does not decolour hair, it can do only vigorous (or not really) to the clarifying structures which only professionals are able to treat. It is not strongly recommended to clarify hair independently as the result is unpredictable: from green hair color before their loss or oblamyvaniye almost at the roots.

Whether paint spoils hair

Paint is not present, and here its wrong use – absolutely definitely yes. If professionals have two types of dyes (one – for the first coloring, the second – for the subsequent), then in usual supermarket the choice is not so big, unconcernedly use only aggressive paint with the high pH level. After such fourth procedure the pernicious effect will be noticeable. Whenever possible buy the special sparing paint in specialized shop.

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