As it is beautiful to hide bang

As it is beautiful to hide bang

Bang – very important element of hairstyle, but sometimes there is a wish to pretend that it is absent. This effect is easily reached by means of invisible beings, rims, hairpins and weaving.

Simple options to pin up bang

The fastest way to hide bang is to bring together her in tail, to twist and remove slightly back, to nape, having fixed by the invisible beings suitable on color at the same time other hair to collect in tail, to braid to the spit or to leave dismissed. If bang long, it is possible to make high horse tail, having taken bang locks. The similar hairstyle remarkably looks on long hair. If besides slightly to tighten up tips of hair, and to disguise elastic band small lock, having wound with it the tail basis, such hairstyle will be suitable even for solemn occasion, it looks magnificently and beautifully.

You can remove bang locks aside, for this purpose make parting at the side, well comb hair on one party, having taken bang, fix them by hairpin or two. If length of bang allows after you record it, walk hand on edge of the pinned-up bang, extending and raising hair, it will give it graceful bend and a little volume.

If you have got used to parting in the middle, combed on two parties, the bang can be hidden quickly under edge of long part of hair and to pin up invisible beings. But it should be noted that the bang with parting in the middle looks it is womanly. By the way in this case it makes sense to do easy wave on bang.

Instead of parting in the middle it is possible to make rhythmical zigzag, it demands slightly more time, but looks very effectively.

Unusual options for those who have time

If you love unusual hairstyles, braid braid from bang locks, to lay along growth of hair and fix by hairpin. It is possible to twist bang plait (great option for parting at the side), too to lay along growth of hair and to pin up the invisible being. It is possible to divide bang into several locks, to twirl everyone plait and to remove back, having fixed by tiny hair claws. It is possible to lay such twisted locks beautiful ornament along growth of hair.

Do not do piles too often, this equipment spoils hair, does them fragile and weak.

Pile – too great option for masking of bang, separate it from the bulk of hair, comb by means of hairbrush with small teeth towards forehead, take away bang back, sprinkle varnish and record invisible beings. It is possible to add hairstyle with large brooch for hair or hairpin. It is possible to stack the bang combed up to the small volume on one side, likewise fixing by invisible beings. One more very simple option of masking of bang is to use rim or hairband. Smoothly comb hair back and press them tape or rim. If you like retro, it is possible to curl slightly the ends of hair outside, so you receive hairstyle in style of the sixtieth.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team