As it is beautiful to pin up hair hairpins for New Year's evening

As it is beautiful to pin up hair hairpins for New Year's evening

The New Year's hairstyle has to be effective, but not too difficult. With correctly made laying it is possible to dance, it does not demand constant correction. Elegant hair can be done by means of hairpins. High chignons, amusing nodes, rollers and plaits - options set.

What is necessary for New Year's hairstyle

That hair looked effectively, they need to be prepared. For smooth nodes ideally direct locks are necessary. The iron will help to smooth slightly wavy hair. If you prefer curls, pick up nippers or hair curlers of the necessary size. Thin curling irons it is possible to make out also separate locks, giving to hairstyle festive look.

For zakalyvaniye hairpins of the necessary size and color are necessary. Blondes will suit silvery hairpins, to brunettes and dark brown-haired women are necessary black or dark gray. For decoration of hairstyle it is possible to get the decorative pins and hairpins decorated by pearls, artificial with flowers or rhinestones. Also small invisible hairpins by means of which it is easy to strengthen disobedient locks will be useful.

Do not forget about necessary cosmetics. That hair kept in hairstyle better, the fixing mousse will be required. If hair very easy and scattered, process them spray on the basis of sea water. It will make locks more elastic and will allow them to keep within nodes and rollers easily. Hairspray of moderate or strong fixing will help to fix hairstyle. For festive party choose varnishes with additional effects - spangles, color modulations, holographic particles. Also the gloss in spray giving to hair well-groomed look will approach.

Several options of festive laying

Try simple hairstyle which will perfectly add open evening dress. Straighten hair by means of the iron and comb on parting at the side. Put portion of mousse for laying, collect hair on one side and twist in plait, and then curtail it into node, having hidden tips. Fix node by hairpins. The hair are more dense, the more hairpins are required. Fix hairstyle by varnish of strong fixing with effect of gloss. In couple of hairpins attach brilliant artificial flower near bunch.

From hair of average length it is possible to collect effective chignon. It will approach dresses with open back and to bright jewelry. Sprinkle clean hair the fixing spray or process mousse. Separate thin locks and twist them nippers. Having finished, let's hair cool down, and then twist them in free plait and lift it to the top. Pin up plait large number of hairpins, sticking them from below up. Stack curlies on the top, twisting them on finger. Fix hairstyle by varnish of strong fixing. If desired extend couple of thin locks from plait, curl slightly them the thin curling iron and leave free.

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