As it is beautiful to sunbathe in the flying

As it is beautiful to sunbathe in the flying

There comes summertime. All aim to run out on the beach and to acquire tan, the suntanned body looks very sexually. However not all women manage to receive golden skin color with arrival of summer.

1. If you the person with pale skin, hair of red or light color, then can safely carry yourself to the first type. Your skin is defenseless in the sun therefore it is necessary to use sun-protection funds from SPF 50+. Long stay in the sun leads to reddening of skin and burns instead of golden suntan.

2. The second type is people with light skin and light eyes. However they are not so subject to burns in the sun as the first type. At such people shoulders, nose, breast and back burn down in the sun. For obtaining easy suntan it is possible to sunbathe not under direct influence of the sun, using protection of SPF 50.

3. Owners of fair hair and skin of olive color treat the third type. They can actively sunbathe hour a day, but it is necessary not to forget about protection of skin.

4. Brunettes with dark skin, brown eyes receive the fastest suntan. If you treat this type, can not be afraid to burn in the sun.

Apply sunblock cream, having especially carefully covered with it nose, back and shoulders. It is necessary to put liquid foundation with protection on face at least of SPF 15. It will help you to be protected from freckles and uneven suntan. Lips need leaving too therefore smear them with special balm. Of course, you should not forget about sunglasses. This main rule not to do harm to eyes and to avoid appearance of early wrinkles. On sunny days, hair most of all suffer, it is necessary to put on headdress that they did not become dry.

With 12 it is up to 15 one o'clock in the afternoon better to be at home or to hide in tenyochka. The sun fries especially strongly at this time, it leads to burns. It is the best of all to go to the beach till 11 in the afternoon.

Do you want equal suntan? Spend time on the beach actively! Play games: volleyball, badminton. So suntan will be distributed on skin evenly, and you will spend time with advantage, having fun, lighten yourself the mood. Being in water, you sunbathe quicker. After swimming in the sea be surely wiped by towel to avoid roughness of suntan because of water drop.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team