As it is beautiful to take away hair of average length

As it is beautiful to take away hair of average length

Hair length to chin or can be laid in simple or intricate hairstyle slightly below, to braid in braids, to twist in plaits or rollers, to twist or straighten. Try several options and choose that will be ideal for your type of hair and way of life.

Simple hairstyles for every day

Daily hairstyles have to be simple performed by and rather durable. The good hairstyle is their cornerstone. Hair of average length do not need too frequent correction – it is possible to visit the hairdresser once in one and a half-two months.

For laying choose the light fixing mousse, gel or spray and also the modeling wax. Also hairspray of easy fixing is required. Wavy hair can be extended by means of the iron – so locks will be simpler to be stacked in hairstyle.

Try to make fashionable hairstyle with braids. It especially beautifully looks on fair hair length to the middle of neck below. Wash up hair, slightly dry them, sprinkle the fixing spray and extend locks nippers. Comb them brush. By means of the sharp handle of hairbrush make zigzag hair parting in the middle of the head. Braid hair from each party to the free spit, fix tips by thin elastic bands. Hands stretch braids so that they looked slightly carelessly. Throw them forward and slightly sprinkle hairspray. Make simple laying for straight hair. Wash up them and dry up phenom, extending locks down. Divide hair into parting at the side, and then grease hairbrush with gel and, raising bang, record it in the form of abrupt wave. Take away temple hair for ears. Pound a little wax in palms and extend thin locks on nape, forming of them thin plumelets.

Evening laying for average length

On hair of average length various curls beautifully look. That they have turned out more sculptural, before wave it is better to process hair the iron. Extend locks, let's them cool down, and then twist on hair curlers, having slightly sprinkled the fixing spray. For dry and fine hair instead of spray it is better to use nutritious serum. When curls dry, accurately remove hair curlers and sprinkle hair varnish. Fingers shake up curls, divide hair into parting at the side. Thin nippers twist several locks – they will add to volume hairstyle. Record laying by gloss in spray. Very effective hair for evening can be done by means of hairpins. Straighten hair, carefully comb brush and divide into parting at the side. Warm small portion of wax in palms and apply them on locks. Collect nape hair and hardly tie them lace. Curtail thin scarf from chiffon into plait and tie over lace. Create bunch from scarf and pin up it small hairpins. Sprinkle laying by varnish. Instead of scarf it is possible to use chignon in tone of hair in the form of bunch from braids or bow.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team