As it is beautiful to take away long bang

As it is beautiful to take away long bang

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Bangs give to the face special highlight. But there is also it what is wanted to change cardinally the image and to create new hairstyle, having taken away hair from forehead. In this case, for some time it will be required to pin up bang so that not to lose at the same time the appeal. It is absolutely simple to make it.

How to take away bang by means of accessories

First of all, various accessories by means of which it is necessary to fix hair will be necessary for you. It can be various bandages, rims, invisible beings, hairpins, tapes and elastic bands.

Happy owners of thick hair can lay beautifully bang back and pin up it invisible beings, previously having applied mousse or gel on hair. It will fix hairstyle and will not allow it to be scattered. Invisible beings it is possible to arrange cross-wise, on diagonal or in parallel each other. Girls with wide cheekbones can correct visually shape of face if before laying to comb bang and to sprinkle it varnish.

The beautiful hairpin will allow to take away interestingly bang to any celebration. Comb hair back, sprinkle varnish and record beautiful hairpins with rhinestones. Modulations of stones will draw general attention to you. If your dream to grow bang, then is required to you quite long time to grow up hair to necessary length. At the same time it is necessary to try not to spoil the image the negligent grown bang. You will be come to the rescue by rims and hairbands. Pay attention to color and style of these accessories - they have to be in harmony with your clothes. Fir-trees to you do not go the hair combed back, it is possible to divide hair on both sides of face and to fix. The romantic image can be created if to twist bang and to lay it wave at temples, having fixed by hairpins.

How to take away bang by means of braids

Probably, the most interesting way to take away bang is braid. It allows to save time, giving, at the same time, the woman of any age special charm. For this purpose you will be need small elastic band, varnish and hairbrush with rare teeths. Ways of weaving can be various. For a start hair need to be combed carefully, further sideways take lock from the main part of hair, and then from bang. It will turn out that one lock will consist of hair from bang, the second, being on the center, - from hair is higher than bang on 1 cm and the bang, and the third – from long hair. Further spin braid, at the same time adding to the second lock serially hair from the right and left side. After hair from bang end, weaving comes to an end and fixed by elastic band. It is necessary to interweave the turned-out braid into hairstyle and to sprinkle it varnish. It is possible to weave the French braid, locks at the same time are imposed at the left and on the right. For hairstyle in bohemian style continue weaving even after hair from bang end. It is very womanly the bang which is taken away by means of braid around the head looks. However, this way will suit only those who have hair rather long. Begin to spin from one side of the head, moving from ear to ear. At the same time interweave bang into the spit, and leave other hair dismissed.

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