As it is better to depilate in bikini zone

As it is better to depilate in bikini zone

Ways of removal of undesirable vegetation in bikini zone much. It is impossible to allocate the best of them – all suit miscellaneous. But if you never deleted earlier hairs, experiment a little. You will be able to choose as trial and error method the optimal variant suitable you.


1. Address the cosmetologist if you have money and time. Photoepilation – the most widespread and effective way of removal of undesirable hair. After carrying out number of procedures the vegetation will begin to drop out. As the light stream destroys bulbs of hair, they should not appear even later wide interval of time again.

2. Resort to the help of epilator if the photoepilation is contraindicated to you for any reason (diseases of skin, internals, cancer and so forth). In process of growth delete vegetation in bikini zone. If single filaments remained places, pull out them tweezers.

3. Buy hair removal cream. If you often have irritation and reddening, stop the choice on means which is developed for sensitive skin. Study the instruction for application. Apply cream on problem zone and leave for 5-7 minutes. Remove the means remains with shovel or wash away under flowing water. You carry out the procedure time in 1-2 weeks. Over time you will notice that hair began to grow more slowly.

4. Depilate in the area of bikini the machine only as a last resort. If several times to shave, then vegetation will only begin to grow quicker and will become more rigid. To avoid growing of hair into skin that is quite often observed after use of the machine, process body srub. Again vegetation "will please" you with the emergence already in couple of days therefore you should repeat the procedure.

5. If after removal of hair in house conditions you have strong reddening or burning, go to salon. To you will make intimate hairstyle which will remain up to several weeks. At the same time you will please also darling with such beauty.

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