As it is correct to apply burdock oil on hair

As it is correct to apply burdock oil on hair

Burdock oil is applied to improvement of hair for a long time. Is known the fact that it does head of hear dense and silky, feeding with the miracle force. But not everyone knows how it is correct to apply burdock oil what mask on its basis to prepare hair under the type.

In order that hair were thick, magnificent and had healthy appearance, it is necessary to look after them. Negative impact of the environment, stresses, improper feeding, addictions and at last, age exhaust your hair. They become thin, fragile and lifeless. Also head skin suffers: seborrhea, itch and, at last, hair loss.

Composition of burdock oil

Burdock oil – one of the most useful products in cosmetology by means of which it is possible to recover hair and head skin. It has medicinal properties as the complex of vitamins of group B, A, E, C, PP is its part; mineral substances: bromine, vanadium, iron, manganese, copper, tin, strontium, zinc and others. And also proteins, unsaturated fatty acids, tannins, polysaccharide inulin, essential oil.

Rules of putting burdock oil

Before drawing burdock oil needs to be warmed up on water bath for improvement of medicinal properties. It cannot be overheated that useful substances have not disappeared. Burdock oil is applied on the fresh-washed slightly dried hair. Dip dense comb into oil and you put it from roots to tips, carefully distributing it on all length of hair. On the end of procedure put on bathing hat the head or wind with towel and leave approximately for 30–60 min. Then wash hair with shampoo (it is possible several times) and apply conditioner. At serious injury of hair, burdock oil can be applied 2–3 times a week within month. Further the break for 2–3 weeks and medical procedures follows it is possible to repeat.

Burdock oil as a part of masks

If you have dry head skin, mix two tablespoons of burdock oil, teaspoon of calendula and two yolks. Put for one hour and wash away mask. You have oily hair. Take small amount of burdock oil and shea butter in equal parts, add 10 drops of orange oil and tablespoon of pulp of grapefruit. You apply mix for 30 min. You do not hold longer as the citrus strongly dries hair. You have noticed that growth of hair has slowed down. You need tablespoon of pepper tincture (it is possible to buy in drugstore), tablespoon of burdock oil, one egg yolk. Carefully mix everything, rub mask massage movements in roots of hair and put on hat. Wash away in half an hour. If hair have begun to drop out, you will suit mask on the basis of honey. It is necessary to add tablespoon of burdock oil, a little onions juice and egg yolk to tablespoon of honey. Apply the received mix on hair and put on hat, wash away in half an hour. It is worth noticing that now in drugstores it is possible to buy burdock oil with additional ingredients: with nettle, camomile, propolis, pepper and also with addition of essential oils.

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