As it is correct to apply varnish

As it is correct to apply varnish

It is possible to make beautiful manicure not only in salon, but also in house conditions. The main thing here — availability of all necessary tools and materials and also the correct putting nail varnish.

It is required to you

  • - nail file;
  • - means for removal of varnish or soap;
  • - varnish basis;
  • - varnish-fixer;
  • - toothpick;
  • - cotton wool.


1. Faultless manicure begins with ideal form of nail plate, respectively, first of all you need to file nails by means of special nail file.

2. Then process the surface of nails (for degreasing) means for removal of varnish or usual toilet soap. The covering will lay down exactly and will last most long only if nail plate dry, clean and on it there are no fat allocations.

3. Now you can start drawing special means on nails — basis under varnish or usual varnish of transparent shade. Before drawing slightly warm bottle with it in hands and twist between palms.

4. Begin to paint nails from little finger, at the same time having placed fingers on table so that the palm hanged down a little. Also the correct arrangement of light is not less important here — it has to fall on nails at the left-from above.

5. Lower brush in varnish completely, then concern it edge of bottle so that from one (internal) party of brush there is practically no varnish left, and here with another, on the contrary, there was enough. This (external) party it is also necessary to start coloring of nails.

6. In the course of putting varnish try not to touch cuticle. It is better to leave in general between it and plate of nail about 1 mm.

7. It is also recommended to put not one layer of the main varnish, and two — it will allow to see true color of covering, to make it more saturated, and, above all, to avoid ugly stains.

8. As soon as drawing basis is finished, use special varnish-fixer. In this case its name speaks for itself — manicure will look attractively and will not crack for a long time. Besides, will add to your nails additional gloss.

9. All varnish coats have to dry carefully, that is, the more them, the longer drying process. To check whether the layer has dried out, knock (slightly) with nail of one finger on another or bring to lips and slightly touch.

10. And in end when nails have completely dried, remove surplus of varnish (if it accidentally in the course of drawing has appeared on skin) by means of toothpick. In advance reel up cotton wool on tip of the last.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team