As it is correct to braid the Greek braid step by step

As it is correct to braid the Greek braid step by step

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Hairstyles with volume braids are popular already several seasons, and it is possible to tell with confidence that they will be relevant still long time. Such weaving is suitable also for celebration, for example to wedding ceremony, and for daily image.

Before creation of this hairstyle it is necessary to wash up and to carefully dry up hair. If necessary it is worth using liquid silk, easy division into locks is indispensable condition of the correct weaving of the Greek braid. Before work it is necessary to make parting at the side. At the same time it is important to consider the direction of growth of hair if the hairstyle is carried out on itself, it is also worth being trained and understand what hand more convenient will intercept locks, for example, to right-handed persons more convenient to spin braid on the left. Smaller part of hair from hair parting can be recorded the invisible being or hairpin at temple.

Than the hair parting will be closer to ear, especially the hairstyle will be relyefny. The spit thanks to it will create peculiar crown on the top.

In general weaving of braid in the Greek style is very similar to performance usual dragon on the contrary. The difference only that work begins at parting at the side and to hair is given the additional volume and deliberate negligence. Therefore ability to braid the French braid and its versions very much will be useful.

At first it is necessary to allocate a few hair at hair parting and to divide them into three equal parts. The first two times just it is necessary to throw curls on the right and at the left in the center and to bring up them hands so that the central lock was always located from above. Then side hair are added to weaving. For this purpose at the next institution of working lock under central from the line of growth of hair (or from the top) finger the thin curl separates and it is added to weaving process. It is important to tighten slightly braid that its bends turned out equal and beautiful. At the same time by means of width of locks it is possible to regulate the direction of weaving, from the line of growth of hair it is worth taking more volume, and from the top thinner, so the braid will correctly lay down around the head. When she conveniently settles down at shoulder from that party where the hair parting is made, it is necessary to enter free hair into work. It is necessary to finish braid with simple weaving in three locks and to fix by elastic band.

Sometimes the Greek plait is done without addition of locks from the top, hair of upper part of the head in this case just comb and add on darkness to tail.

That the Greek hairstyle looked magnificently, it is necessary to add to braid volume. It is important to make this work step by step, that is through each two-three perekidyvaniye of working locks. For creation of volume braid it is necessary to record three locks in one hand, and fingers another accurately to tighten interlacings on itself. At the same time it is important that they remained proportional and in upper part of hairstyle and in lower. And for creation of deliberate negligence and giving to image of ease it is possible to extend completely thin locks from braid.

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