As it is correct to breathe to lose weight

As it is correct to breathe to lose weight

Without food of people the month, without water – three-four days, and without oxygen – at most three minutes can live. Chronic fatigue, passivity, irritability – all this result of lack of oxygen. To get rid of such partners in life and at the same time the correct breath will help to lose weight.


1. The correct breath accelerates exchange processes, and fat begins to be burned most actively. Experts allocate three types of breath: belly, verkhnegrudny and phrenic (nizhnegrudny). When small children, considerably as their stomach moves breathe. The breast at the same time practically does not extend. Adults do exactly the opposite: breathe full breast, and here the belly wall practically does not participate in process. If you want to lose weight and better to feel, accustom themselves to breathe stomach.

2. Lay down on plain surface. It is desirable that it was rigid. For example, on floor. Put one palm on breast, and second on stomach. Close eyes and just you breathe as usual. So you define type of the breath.

3. Without changing pose, try to breathe not breast, but stomach. It is possible to open eyes and to watch that the palm on stomach rose above. The breath needs to be done by nose, and to exhale through mouth.

4. Having mastered belly breath in horizontal position, get up and do the same exercise standing. When also it turns out, try sitting. At the person the muscle memory is excellently developed. Sooner or later your body will remember, how exactly it is necessary to breathe.

5. At development of the technology of belly breath special attention should be paid to exhalation. When you are in quiet state, try to inhale slowly and even more slowly to exhale. Mentally consider: from 1 to 5 breath, from 1 to 10 have exhaled.

6. When performing any breathing exercises at first you can feel dizziness and the general discomfort. It is absolutely normal, more oxygen has begun to come to blood, vessels have extended. After a while unpleasant feelings will pass, and you will feel energy inflow.

7. If you have decided to lose weight also changes of habitual breath to you insufficiently, pay the attention to special systems. "Бодифлекс" - complex of simple exercises, key to which efficiency is the special type of breath. It is considered that "Bodiflex" has been thought up by mother Greer Childers having many children. She writes in the book that she has lost weight by five sizes in only 3 months. One more excellent system is Oksisayz.

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