As it is correct to choose French perfume

As it is correct to choose French perfume

When choosing French perfume it is necessary to be guided by number of simple rules. It will help to pick up the most suitable aroma. The pleasant smell of perfume will cause only positive emotions in people around.

Rules of the choice of aroma

Many women with the great pleasure use French perfume. They give them the chance to feel the femininity and sexuality. Choosing spirits in shop, it is very important to find the aroma which will emphasize appeal and will become part of image.

French perfume is famous for the faultless quality and firmness. The aroma of these spirits can be spread out to several steps. At their spraying or drawing on skin the upper note of aroma, then basic note, and already then its loop is felt in the beginning. The upper note is felt within the first 10-15 minutes after spraying of perfume or drawing it on skin. Further for 10 hours the woman and people surrounding her feel those aromatic components which enter basic note. The loop of spirits begins to be felt only after 10 hours after their spraying.

Selecting aroma, it is necessary to be guided by components of basic note. They will be felt most longer. After drawing spirits on skin it is necessary to wait 10-15 minutes and only after it to make the decision on purchase. Perfumery products should be selected not only proceeding from personal flavoring preferences. The aroma has to become part of image therefore in this case are important kind of activity of the woman, its age and type of appearance. The very young girls leading active lifestyle can advise to select for themselves more light, fresh aromas. To women is more senior perfectly flower aromas and also spirits with spicy and east notes will approach. It is considered that beauty of hot brunettes is most successfully emphasized by east aromas, and blondes with light skin suit aromas with more light and distinguished smell. The concentrated French perfume on which there is designation parfum are the most resistant. They are released in bottles of small volume. Such products cost rather much. Less resistant are the perfumed water on which there is marking of eau de parfum, and toilet water on which packing there is designation eau de toilette. In warm season it is better to refuse the concentrated spirits.

Quality of French perfume

At choice of perfume it is necessary to pay attention to the name of the producer and expiration date of goods. With the expiring period of storage it is better to refuse product as over time the perfume aroma can exchange a little. To avoid acquisition of counterfeit products, it is worth buying perfume only from specialized shops, but not in the market and not in supermarkets in any way. Very often producers of low-quality fakes sell the goods at reduced price. For this reason the low cost of spirits has to guard the buyer. At emergence of any doubts in quality of goods it is better to refuse its purchase.

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