As it is correct to choose gel for washing

As it is correct to choose gel for washing

Not so long ago for washing used exclusively toilet soap. Now the choice of gels, skins, mousses and even oil for washing is extremely various. It is possible to find gel with any aroma, with preventive or medical effect. The main thing is to choose this means correctly.


1. Gel for washing is suspension of high-molecular polymer. Are its part surfactant - surfactants which purify skin, at the same time rather deeply get into it. On the one hand useful substances are delivered to destination, and with another the probability of allergic reactions and destruction of lipidic barrier is high. There are 4 surfactants main types which differently influence skin.

2. The first type - cationic surfactant. They can be recognized if on packing there are words "Quaternium" or "Polyquaternium". Availability of such surfactants becomes frequent the reason of inflammation and irritation as such substances too deeply get into skin more deeply, than it is necessary for clarification and destroy lipidic barrier.

3. The second type - anion surfactant. They opposite insufficiently well get into skin and not too well purify it. Though they foam well. If in structure there is "Sodium Lauryl Sulfate" or "SLS", then such means for washing strongly dries skin and will be suitable more for oily and problem skin. And sodium lauryl sulfate irritates the skin more, than laureth sulfate.

4. The third type - nonionic surfactant. They appear in structure as "Decyl-Glucoside". The gels containing such substances badly foam, and, therefore, badly purify skin. However, if they are received from natural substances - fruit, vegetable oils, glycerin, then means will well foam and to carefully purify skin. Nonionic surfactant pluchenny of natural raw materials are part of the most effective and expensive gels for washing.

5. The fourth type - amphoteric surfactant. They can be recognized by the names "Cocoyl", "Betaine" and "Sarcosine". Gel on their basis most carefully purifies skin.

6. In the best shower gels there have to be anion surfactants for good foaming and amphoteric. There are also gels helping to deal with the skin problems. For example the means containing zinc, extract of purple cone-flower, calendula, triclosan will help at the excessive fat content and acne rash. However you should not use gels with triclosan constantly, in order to avoid skin dysbacteriosis. For the withering skin or during intensive influence of sunshine, once you choose gels with antioxidants, as such, bioflavonoids, selenium, coenzyme Q10.

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