As it is correct to choose means for varnish removal

As it is correct to choose means for varnish removal

for removal of varnish from nails consists of solvents and various additives. Among auxiliary ingredients - mainly, oils which are intended for strengthening of condition of nails after aggressive influence of solvents.

Choosing liquid for removal of varnish from nails, first of all, it is worth paying attention to structure, and it is specific - for solvent percent in liquid. The it is less, the it is more difficult to remove varnish covering. The more, the structure influences nails more aggressively.

It is recommended to get means where the percentage of solvent and excipients approximately identical. Such liquid will not do strong harm to nails.

The liquid for varnish removal which does not have as a part of acetone is considered the safest for nails. But it not absolutely so. Acetone is usually replaced with methylethylketone which destroys nail plate even stronger. Choosing means for varnish removal, it is worth paying attention to that which consists of amyl acetate or ethyl acetate, and at the same time it is diluted with oils and nutritious vitamins.

The there are less different oils and vitamins it is added in means, the it copes with removal of varnish in the sparing mode more effectively.

Too large amount of ingredients has to guard. First, it is possible that so the producer tries to distract attention from that how harmful solvent contains in means. Secondly, the combination of several oils and vitamins C solvent can yield uncertain result. For example, in the form of satiation of nails vitamins, allergic reaction (yellowing, darkenings, whitewash of nail bed).

Means for removal of varnish from nails is issued in three forms: liquid, gel and cream. The lack of liquid is that it strongly dries up nail plate. But also it is possible to get it almost in any outlet with decorative cosmetics that is indisputable advantage. Gel for removal of nail varnish as a part of which there are vaseline or silicone is less hazardous and toxic substance. And this its main advantage. The lack only that to buy gel is more difficult and more expensive as sell it mainly in specialized shops for nail service. Cream for dissolution of varnish from nails as a part of which there are both flower, and grass extracts influences nail bed less perniciously, feeding and strengthening it in process.

Cream with sponge for removal of varnish from nails possesses powerful shortcoming – fast wear of sponge. It is recommended to give preference to creams in tubas, but not jars.

Than more often varnish from nails is removed, especially means has to have the sparing and safe structure. If varnish is removed from nails extremely seldom as decorative manicure rarity in life, then it is possible to choose any form of release, in view of percentage amount of solvent and its name. It is worth remembering that the more expiration date at means for varnish removal, the bigger amount of solvent in it is added. Qualitative and safe means cannot longer be stored, than 1 year from the moment of release. To minimize the harm done to nails by liquid for removal of varnish, hands need previously to be rinsed in weak salt solution which will strengthen structure of nail, favorably influencing cuticle, healing microcracks on surface of nail plate. Salt solution consists of warm water and teaspoon of sea or edible salt.

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