As it is correct to choose night cream

As it is correct to choose night cream

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Nightly putting night cream – important stage of care for skin. In night-time it is actively regenerated, receives necessary food and recovers tone. You will see result in the morning – correctly picked up cream will make the person tightened and well-groomed. Improper means can bring troubles – hypostases, wrinkles and irritations. Do not buy the first nice tube – approach the choice of night cream with all gravity.


1. In search of ideal cream visit shops of different price categories. Do not forget about drugstores – today they offer the quite good choice of lines of care products for skin. Do not buy cosmetics in street stalls – there easy to get fake or overdue goods. Be not guided only by the price - qualitative means can be both very expensive, and very available.

2. Define the type of skin. Night cream is necessary anyway, however dry or oily skin need different means. The overdried face will suit saturated structures and dense structures, fat – air emulsions. In warm season, easier moistening means will be necessary, in frost use dense nutritious creams.

3. Attentively read the summary on the label. There the method of application is specified. Some creams need be not to smeared on the person, and to drive in into skin, massage according to the special scheme is necessary for absorption of others. Solve whether you are ready to carry out such ritual nightly.

4. Study structure of means. If you have allergy to any component, be especially vigilant. Pay attention to plant extracts and biologically active complexes, honey and products of beekeeping are the main allergens.

5. Whenever possible use tester – they are often offered in large network shops and drugstores. You will be able to estimate fragrance, to learn whether cream is easily applied and how fast it is absorbed. Ask the consultant about availability of samplers – the small portions of means packaged in bags. One piece will be enough for two-three applications – it enough to make the decision on purchase.

6. Decide what packing it is more convenient to you to use. Creams pack in jars, tubes or bottles with the doser. The last are especially practical – means in them does not spoil longer, besides it is more convenient to put it. Aluminum tuba – the most economic packing, in it usually sell inexpensive domestic cosmetics. If you have chosen beautiful jar, do not forget to get special rake for drawing means.

7. Choose purchase volume. You can get travel version, intended for travel, or full-size bottles. Do not refuse gift options when in addition to the chosen cream you receive free ink, pencil or lip gloss. Such options most often sell on the eve of holidays.

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