As it is correct to choose sunbed

As it is correct to choose sunbed

is interesting that prior to the beginning of the XX century the suntan was considered as destiny of commoners who are forced to work in the field. The aristocrats coddled on verandahs under umbrellas sported porcelain complexion even the most exhausting heat. However the XX century has changed everything – interest in sport has begun, and, above all – the fashion for sea cruises has appeared. And now was considered as sign of luxury to have suntanned skin even in the winter – it meant that you are able to afford to escape from snow on the Azure coast. Today suntan is still popular. And exactly today, thanks to development of technologies, it is possible to deceive people around – not to go in San Track, and just to visit sunbed.

History and general advantage

The sunbed has appeared not so long ago and was initially used in the medical purposes for treatment of psoriasis. However in 1979 one Italian businessman has decided to use this thingummy for the purposes of cosmetic. And then, in 79, the device has received the name - solarium. But despite it, the medical effect remained with sunbed still. Exactly thanks to sunlight or radiation of sunbed, skin produces vitamin D. This vitamin is very important. It is especially useful to visit sunbed in the winter and in the fall when on the street of sunlight it is not enough for its development. Very few people know it, but UF beams also strengthen the immune system of organism, allowing to hurt less often and easier. Well and at last, the procedure in sunbed just lightens the mood. And it is the medical effect allowing to struggle with such disease as depression too. However not all can visit sunbed. For example, it is contraindicated to people with diseases of eyes, in particular – cataract. And also to children 15 years are younger and to elderly people is more senior 60 – ti. Therefore before signing up for course, consult with the doctor.

Types of sunbeds

The main thing – sunbed can be horizontal or – vertical. Also sunbeds differ in quantity of lamps. The last fashionable novelty – mirror sunbed with mirror floor. He helps to sunbathe quicker and better. Happens that the sunbed is equipped with the fan which helps to accelerate fire process. The type of sunbed is called turbo – sunbed. Modern sunbeds are also equipped with cooling systems, aromatization of air and audio systems. Also there are so-called chairs – sunbeds in which functions of foot massage and back are built-in.

Selection criteria

How not to be lost in all this variety and to choose the sunbed which is ideal for you? First, it is worth thinking – whether you want to be active at reception of solar bathtub, having opportunity even to dance, or you want to relax lying? Yes, you were not mistaken – in modern vertical sunbeds of the place will be enough even for dance. And the horizontal sunbed will be ideal for fans to roll about, relax under quieter, not dancing, but meditative, music. One more fact - lamps in vertical sunbed is more powerful, and time for suntan needs less. In general for beauty shop the vertical sunbed is more expensive, than horizontal, it of more hygienic as there is no direct contact with skin. Besides the horizontal sunbed takes a lot of place. And what if you want to sunbathe not entirely but only in the field of open parts of body – hands, persons, decollete? Then you need to use chair – sunbed. You will be able to sunbathe pretty fast, however – there is minus – such suntan will not be durable. In general in good sunbed there is expert who will help to pick up the individual program, proceeding from type of skin, desirable results and the state of health. If the salon provides such services – he can unambiguously be visited. The main thing in sunbed, his soul is lamps. Those that have served more than 500 hours need replacement. But the visitor will not manage to learn in any way, it is how far to this figure or as far as for it has already passed. Therefore many do not expect honesty of the management of salons, and simply go only to new, just open salons where lamps have not managed to grow old yet. Respectively, through some time they change salon, and so travel about on the city. But the main thing what it is worth remembering what type of sunbed you would not choose - it is moderation. Burns and pigmental spots are necessary to nobody. You do not hurry to sunbathe for one session at once, use special creams (usual creams from the sun are not suitable for sunbed), acquire tan after clean shower (without gels and other means), without cosmetics and spirits. Following all these rules, you can be sure – suntan will work well. And you will be envied by vacationers San – the Track and Cannes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team