As it is correct to choose wig from natural hair

As it is correct to choose wig from natural hair

like to change the image, new hairstyle, the hairstyle or hair color allow to feel a little differently. It is possible to experiment with the head of hear as much as necessary, but the condition of curls as a result of you will not please. Time to think of purchase of wig thanks to which you will be able to create new image or to hide shortcomings has come.


  1. Advantage of wig from natural hair – naturalness of appearance and beauty. Such wigs are made of hair of girls of the European, Asian and Slavic type of appearance. On the basis of it hair differ on degree of softness and color. Hair of Slavic type generally go light shades, they soft that cannot be told about Asian which more rigid also have dark color.
  2. If you are owner of light skin of cold pale color, you will suit wigs of ashy shades, tone of red and fair-haired color, black hair better. Golden skin can be emphasized with red and light shades. At tendency to irritations and inflammations of skin it is recommended to stop the choice on chestnut or fair-haired shades. Visually to reduce the age, pick up wig of warm golden shade. For the maximum naturalness it is better to pick up shade which is closer to natural color of your natural hair.
  3. Now it is necessary to define shape of the face, for this purpose it is necessary to open completely the person. Take away bang and pin up it hairpins or put on rim. Then define the face type, thanks to correctly chosen wig it is possible to emphasize advantages and to hide shortcomings. Ladies with oval face should choose wig with classically hair parting on the center with long hair. Short curly hair is also capable to emphasize shape of face.
  4. Women with round face are recommended to stop the choice on wig with the short hairstyle and hair extended on each side. Do not style hair highly, avoid ideally direct locks, they will only emphasize rotundity of the person. Girls with square face type should choose the wig emphasizing cheekbones with parting at the side and wavy curls. Voluminous hair around cheekbones and ears is capable to change proportions of your person, having made it more round.
  5. Smooth and short wigs are capable to soften massive features, and small curls and wave emphasize face with imperceptible and small lines. The asymmetric bang can visually change low forehead. If you are owner of large nose, draw attention to curls or curls near cheeks. The volume and magnificent hairstyle will reduce visually long nose.
  6. Generally, the form of hairstyle and length of hair has to be selected according to your constitution, face type and other individual traits. For the choice of wig it is desirable to address to specialized salon in which selection and sale of natural wigs is carried out by the experienced expert. The master will offer you several options of new hairstyle taking into account wishes and features of appearance. The salon will also give valuable recommendations and advice about leaving and storage of wig. Having tried on several various options, you by all means will find for yourself the best.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team