As it is correct to comb wet hair after bathtub

As it is correct to comb wet hair after bathtub

Wet hair demand very much care. In such state it is very easy to injure them. For this reason it is necessary to comb hair after washing carefully, beginning from their tips.

Whether it is possible to comb wet hair

After washing of the head the hair throughout certain time remain damp. Experts do not recommend to comb them in such state and also to dry by means of the hair dryer. It is connected with the fact that wet hair easily are injured, break. They are very hygroscopic therefore they at once after washing become heavy therefore very easily are pulled out and break especially as the steamed-out skin facilitates this process.

It is whenever possible necessary to try to allow hair to dry in the natural way, and then to start laying. Issue when it is necessary to make toilet very quickly can only become exception.

How to comb moist hair

At once after washing it is necessary to wrap up the head with terry towel for 5-10 minutes. This time is enough for absorption of excess moisture in fabric. It is also possible to blot carefully with towel wet hair then to apply on them special means for simplification of combing or indelible balm. The modern cosmetic companies produce the various hair preparations intended for high-quality laying and full leaving. The majority of products significantly facilitate combing. It is better to give preference to means in the form of spray as they are very convenient in application. When using cosmetic products in the form of skin or lotion it is necessary to squeeze out or pour out their small amount on palm, and then to distribute evenly on all length of hair. After drawing cosmetic product it is possible to start combing. For this purpose the wooden or bone crest or hairbrush with rare teeths will be ideal. Round and flat brushes with synthetic bristle or metal teeths are forbidden to be used. Them it is very easy to injure wet hair. It is necessary to use hairbrush very accurately. For a start it is worth dividing hair into several large locks, and then to comb each of them. It is necessary to begin combing from the tips of hair, and further it is necessary to move ahead gradually upward, to their roots. It is desirable to start laying only after hair a little more dry up. During drying and creation of hairstyle the hairbrush is also required, but in this case it is already possible to use flat brushes and hairbrushes of round shape. It is important that tips of their plastic or metal cloves had the rounded-off form. It is necessary for maintaining health of hair and prevention of traumatizing head skin.

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