As it is correct to cut nails

As it is correct to cut nails

House manicure and pedicure mean not only coloring and design. The main thing - the correct hairstyle of nails, giving to them of beautiful form and convenient length. The choice of the tool depends on thickness of your nails and also form which you are going to give them.

Files, scissors nippers: all arsenal of the house master

Correctly and accurately it is possible to cut nails only with high-quality tools from good steel. They are durable, do not bend and do not break, do not leave on nails of cracks and jags. The most habitual tool - cuticle scissors. They are irreplaceable for the thin, easily bending nails. Scissors it is convenient to give to plates the rounded or oval shape. They are irreplaceable for very convex nails. The best option - the tool with thin curved edges.

Even home tools need disinfection. After each processing wipe edges with alcohol or lower them in the special disinfecting solution.

If you prefer square shape of nails, it is better to cut them nippers. Choose the self-sharpened tool with wide convenient edges and the extended handles. Such nippers are ideal for work with very rigid nails - for example, standing. Besides it is impossible to be cut with this tool therefore nippers use for children's manicure.

Except the cutting tools, files will be necessary for you for grinding of edges of nails, mini-nippers for cuticle and hangnails and also pusher for registration of hole.

Features of beautiful manicure

Before cutting nails, make warm hand bath. It will soften plates, you will be able to cut them without damages and stratifying. In advance choose form and length of nails. Women prefer oval, square or almond-shaped nails, on male hand the oval best of all looks. Length of female nails can be various, men's and children's are cut level with fingertip. Do not try to cut off plates "at the roots" - it will deprive fingers of necessary protection, besides you can injure skin and nails. Begin processing with middle finger of the left hand (if you the right-handed person). All nails have to have identical length. It is necessary to cut off plate one-two movements. If you act with cuticle scissors, can begin with side part. Working with nippers, establish the cutting surface parallel to cuticle on the center of nail. One movement cut off plate at the necessary length. Then it is possible to straighten side parts and to issue hole at the nail basis.

If your nails very brittle, do not cut them. Remove excess length ceramic or glass file - it will help to save plates from damages.

Having finished hairstyle on one hand, estimate result. Perhaps, length of nails has turned out uneven - correct it. If your nails have the different size of bed, it will be difficult to make them identical. It is possible for women who constantly paint nails apply varnish before ostriganiye, to give to plates the necessary form and length, and then to wash away enamel.

Pedicure the hands

The hairstyle of nails standing has some features. Chiropodists recommend to cut off nails on straight line, without rounding corners - it prevent their growing. For pedicure it is better to use nippers of the big size. After cutting surely file edges of plates fine-grained glass or ceramic file.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team