As it is correct to cut nails standing

As it is correct to cut nails standing

To make pedicure, it is not obligatory to address to salon. You will be able independently to take away the keratosic skin of legs, to process cream and, of course, to give the correct length and the form to nails. Straightening of nails standing has some features. Their processing will require the cutting tools - scissors, tweezers or nippers.

It is required to you

  • - additives for foot bathtub;
  • - nippers, scissors or nippers;
  • - file for nails;
  • - polishing bar.


1. Choose suitable tools. The nippers with direct cut made of high-quality steel best of all are suitable for processing of nails standing. They one movement cut off nail, without stratifying and without breaking off it. Children can cut nails cuticle scissors, and tweezers with sharp tips will be suitable for cutting of uneven plates of irregular shape. Do not use low-quality tools - they can injure skin and nails.

2. Nails standing need to be cut at least two times a month. That plates were softened, and the pedicure was painless and is accurate, make leg bath. Add the shower gel and essential oils softening and deodorizing skin to warm water. Also special emulsions will be suitable for maceration which can be got in specialized shops. Choose means with sea salt, grass extracts, seaweed or other useful additives. On foot bathtub take away 5-7 minutes.

3. Blot skin with towel and start the procedure of cutting of nails. You hold nippers parallel to the line of cuticle and cut plate on straight line, without rounding off tips. Such form will not allow nails to grow into skin.

4. Leave free edge in half-millimeter - it enough for protection of fingers against damages. Do not cut nails at the roots - the risk is high to injure skin. You should not leave and too wide free edge - long nails will break off.

5. That fingers looked beautifully, level nails, having given them identical length. Having finished, file free edge ceramic or glass file. You hold file directly, perpendicular to edge of nail - the line will turn out equal. Do not use metal file, it is too rough and can promote damage of plates.

6. If your nails have grown into skin, try to make an incision slightly them in the middle. Growing together, the plate will begin to be pulled together to the center, releasing skin. Do not try to get under nail - it can cause inflammation and damage plate. Ridge and uneven nails can be ground special bar - it will return them smoothness and healthy color.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team