As it is correct to decolour hair

As it is correct to decolour hair

When carrying out decolorization of hair it is necessary to follow number of certain rules. It is the safest to do this procedure in beauty shop, but in the presence of good paint and strict observance of the instruction qualitatively it is possible to decolour hair and in house conditions.

How to decolour hair it is correct

To clarify hair on several tones, they need to be decoloured previously. Decolorization, as well as coloring, it is better to carry out in beauty shop. If there is no such opportunity, then the procedure can be carried out also in house conditions. At the same time it is necessary to follow number of rules.

It is possible to wash the head in 2-3 days prior to carrying out decolorization of hair. Otherwise aggressive components of structure can injure very strongly the clean hair deprived of protection in the form of fat film and make them fragile, lifeless.

Some time ago women preferred to use for decolorization hydrogen peroxide which and can be bought today without effort in any drugstore. Such means very much costs little, but it very strongly spoils hair. Decolorization of hair of average rigidity of average length requires 50 grams of the decolouring structure from 10% by hydrogen peroxide. For its preparation it is necessary to dissolve 16 tablets of the hydroperit in 35 milliliters of water and to add 5 grams of liquid soap and 8-10 grams of ammonium. The received structure needs to be applied on hair for 15-20 minutes, and then to wash away water. Experts recommend to decolour hair not tablets of the hydroperit, but special structures which are on sale in each shop of professional cosmetics. These products influence hair much more carefully, but at the same time they are not less effective. In shop it is possible to pick up the means for decolorization suitable under some certain type of hair. For decolorization of hair of different rigidity absolutely different concentration of active agent are necessary. It is also necessary to consider that concentration of peroxide for decolorization of fair hair has to be minimum, and for dark - maximum. Information on compliance of certain product to any given type or shade of hair can be found on packing of medicine of industrial production. Before carrying out decolorization it is desirable to test means on the wrist back. The product can use if within 10-15 minutes no allergic reactions are revealed. It is important to observe very strictly all instructions for preparation of solution and time of its endurance on hair. If to keep medicine on hair slightly longer, it will very strongly injure them, will make dim, lifeless.

Hair care after decolorization

After decolorization and the subsequent coloring hair, as a rule, strongly spoil. Especially relevant it when using low-quality chemical compositions. Quickly to restore health of hair, it is necessary to wash them with exclusively soft shampoos intended for daily use. After each washing it is necessary to apply balm on hair. The injured hair need to be dried up whenever possible in the natural way. The hair dryer can be used very seldom. 1-2 times a week are desirable to apply on hair the nutritious and restoring masks with frequency.

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