As it is correct to delete cuticles from nails

As it is correct to delete cuticles from nails

Any type of manicure does not do without removal of cuticle. It is possible to carry out the procedure in three ways: cut, not cut and hardware. Each of them possesses the minuses and pluses.

Not cut way is considered the safest way of removal of cuticle. First, dangerous and sharp objects are not used that brings risk of getting injured to naught. Secondly, it is possible to make the procedure without special preparation and efforts. Not cut way means use of special gels which soften cuticle that provides easy otkhozhdeniye it from epithelium. Everything that is required - it is to apply gel to skin around nails, according to the instruction, to leave for several minutes, and then to remove it together with cuticle cotton pad.

That the procedure has taken place quicker, previously the cuticle can be removed orange sticks. Lack of method: fast growth. Frequency of not cut manicure: once a week.

The hardware method suits those who near at hand have special machine for manicure. It not necessarily has to be professional. Rather simple model for house use. Correctly to remove cuticle with the machine, it is necessary to choose special trapezoid nozzle, and then to accurately cut it skin. It is not required to steam out skin previously, equally, as well as to remove cuticle pusher or sticks for manicure.

Lack of method: with strong pressure there is risk to cut nails near cuticle that brings to their easing and to bad growth further. The device needs to be held at a small angle in relation to nails.

The cut way of removal of cuticle is considered the most injury-causing, especially if there is no experience in control of sharp manicure tools. Before removing cuticle with nippers or special edge, it is necessary to steam carefully it in warm water. After that the softened skin is removed orange sticks or pusher (shovel for manicure), then cut off edge or deleted by means of nippers. It is very important to take small amount of soft skin not to put it trauma during removal. The procedure is carried out on each finger in turn while the others remain in bath. Dry skin nippers is not taken away! It can lead both to injuries, and to entering of infection in matrix which is protected by cuticle.

Matrix – "nail root". That is, that place from where begins growth nail plate. Infection of matrix leads to serious complications, up to full "slipping" of nail to meat.

Before deleting cuticle, irrespective of way, nails need to be prepared. First, the old covering is removed (varnish, gel polish, gel and other). Secondly, hands need to be washed up and disinfected. If removal of cuticle happens to preliminary stripping, then it is in addition possible to add sea salt or iodine which will play antiseptic agent role to water. After removal of cuticle, nutritious cream which is rubbed by soft circular motions is applied to skin. If during cut manicure has been traumatized, then the damaged place needs to be processed peroxide of hydrogen and any disinfectant, and then to grease with the healing cream.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team