As it is correct to depilate

As it is correct to depilate

Excess vegetation on body brings lot of trouble, has not esthetic appearance. How to get rid of hair for the short period of time or for ever? By what modern methods it is possible to depilate body correctly?


1. Use of the razor. The most widespread way of removal of hair in armpits, bikini zones, from legs. Apply soap solution on body where it is necessary to take away excess hair, shave off razor hairs as it is possible more accurately, without pressing too strongly the razor. After the procedure grease the place of processing with cream after shaving.

2. Cream depilator. The sparing method of disposal of undesirable hairs on body. Apply means to clean skin, leave for 5-10 minutes, remove residues of cream with the disconnected hairs special rake which is on sale together with cream. The more often you do the similar procedure, the less hair will grow on the place of dropped out.

3. Electrodepilator. Them there is set of types. The more modern and expensive model, the less painful feelings at sbrivaniye it hair. Use the electric depilator as it is specified in its instruction. After application apply the lotion removing irritation to body skin.

4. Wax, wax strips, sugar water (sugaring). All types of data of procedures for carrying out epilation belong to one type. Medicine is applied to body skin, then paper strips means sharply is removed against growth of hair. The way is rather painful, but effective. Hair long do not grow on the place of their removal.

5. National methods. Greasing of problem parts of the body juice of green grapes or infusion from pounded seeds of nettle with vegetable oil belongs to such sparing methods of processing of skin. Means process as often as possible places epilirovanny in advance on body.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team