As it is correct to do cut manicure

As it is correct to do cut manicure

It is the best of all to do classical cut manicure in house conditions. Use of individual tools from high-quality steel guarantees excellent result and full safety of process. That manicure has turned into the pleasant and useful procedure, apply suitable cosmetic products - structures to maceration, lotions, srubs.

For cut manicure sharp scissors or special nippers will be necessary for you for nails, tweezers for cuticle with thin edges, metal pusher or set of wooden sticks and also glass or ceramic file for nails. If your nails differ in roughness, pick up polishing bar and the leveling base. Those who is going to varnish nails need to buy suitable enamel and covering drying.

For traditional wet manicure solution for baths, nutritious lotion and the cleaning srub is necessary. Choose the means from one series strengthening action of each other. For winter the warming series with addition of citrus oils will approach, and the moistening and cooling structures on the basis of curative seaweed and sea salt are especially good in the flying.

Prepare the softening bathtub, having added to warm water solution for maceration. Dip into it hands for 3-4 minutes. Then wipe hands facecloth, put small portion of srub on the basis of salt, sugar or mineral particles. Rub fingers, paying special attention to the coarsened sites. Rinse and wipe hands. After preliminary processing it is possible to start forming of nails. Give the preliminary form tweezers or scissors, and then grind edges of plates file. Try that length of all plates was identical. Remove cuticle metal pusher, and then cut off nippers or very thin scissors. Cut carefully, husking one movement. Such way will help to avoid painful wounds. If all of you were cut, disinfect the damaged site hydrogen peroxide solution. Remove with nippers for cuticle hangnails, trying not to cut off excess skin. In conclusion massage hands the disinfecting and moisturizing lotion. It is possible to apply the special softening cream or nutritious oil on area of cuticle. Polish the surface of nails with the leveling bar. It will remove grooves and roughnesses, will give to plates beautiful pinkish color and natural gloss.

If you are going to cover nails with color enamel, previously degrease their surface the liquid for removal of varnish which is not containing acetone. Then cause protective base, and over it - two or three varnish coats. In conclusion cover nails with top with effect of drying which will significantly prolong life to manicure. That the effect of the procedure lasted as long as possible, regularly grease cuticle with nutritious cream or oil and remove it to the nail basis. It will not allow it to expand excessively and will help to keep accurate type of nails.

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