As it is correct to do manicure

As it is correct to do manicure

One of the main signs of really well-groomed lady is always faultless manicure. At the same time it is not obligatory at all that nails were long, increased or are covered with bright varnish with difficult neyl-art. However they have to be always accurately filed and varnish has to be fresh. The well-groomed woman will never dare to leave the house with the peeled nails. Therefore it is worth learning to do manicure independently not to depend constantly on beauty shops.

It is required to you

  • - manicure set;
  • - files for nails;
  • - nail varnish;
  • - liquid for varnish removal;
  • - warm water;
  • - towel.


1. It is correct to make manicure absolutely not difficult. For this purpose it is required a little free time, skill and following to rules. First of all prepare all necessary for the procedure then not to distract in process. You need the manicure set including file, cuticle scissors, wooden sticks or rakes. And also liquid for varnish removal, warm water, towel and nail varnish.

2. Put on table bowl with warm water and lower in it finger-tips. Pay attention that water has to be pleasantly warm, but is not hotter. If on skin there are agnails, add pinch of salt or teaspoon of glycerin to water. Properly steam out hands, then wipe them dry clean towel. Agnails remove with special trihedral tweezers, accurately skusyvy the departed thin skin. Previously tweezers have to be disinfected by spirit solution.

3. Care for cuticle – important element of the correct manicure therefore pay it special attention. It is desirable not to cut off cuticle completely scissors, and to remove softly wooden stick or special rake. Previously in cuticle and nail hole rub nutritious cream to soften skin.

4. Having processed cuticles and having removed agnails, you pass to podpilivaniye of nails. Files need to be chosen depending on condition of nail plates. If nails strong and healthy, it is possible to take tools of sapphire or sand look. If nails weak are also inclined to exfoliate, choose fine-grained files of semicircular form. Anyway refuse metal tools, they strongly injure nails.

5. You can give the form to nails to the taste oval, rounded off or almost rectangular with direct cut. Have only in mind that rectangular nails with square edges are more inclined to burst and break. Before putting varnish degrease nails by means of liquid for removal of varnish or acetone, and then carefully dry up. If to varnish slightly moist nails, they quickly will begin to oblupatsya.

6. Varnish is applied from the cuticle towards edge. Should the painted-over strip at the basis of nail plate – it does nail to visually shorter. At first the central part of nail, then sides is painted over. If varnish has laid down too thin layer and one more covering is required, dry previously nails and only then you put the second layer.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team