As it is correct to do negligent plaits

As it is correct to do negligent plaits

Deliberately negligent braids - fashionable trend which very much suits adult girls. Such braids will not turn you into the schoolgirl. They look very stylish and perfectly are in harmony with fashionable clothes. Negligent hairstyles not only are fashionable, but also are convenient. They do not demand correction during the day, large number of the fixing means and skilled hand of the stylist. You will be able independently to braid braids, and correctly picked up accessories will make them even more beautiful.

Preparation of hair

For weaving of volume negligent braids the hair have to be rather hard. Special means - for example, dry shampoo will help to give to thin and slippery locks the necessary texture. Process it hair, and then carefully comb locks brush. The small amount of alcohol which is contained in shampoo does not spoil hair, giving them the volume and splendor.

Also spray with natural sea water will help to condense hair. Spray locks and let's them dry. After such processing the hair will be easily styled and hold the necessary volume.

Several options of stylish braids

Try simple and stylish option from two simple braids. It will ideally add clothes in romantic style. Comb hair, sprinkle them spray with sea water and divide into parting in the middle. Braid two braids from three locks everyone, tie the ends thin elastic bands in hair color. Spin not too hardly, having braids over ears. Then hands slightly extend locks from each interlacing. As a result of braid will become shorter and wide. The ends of braids can be decorated with decorative hairpins. Fix hairstyle by varnish of easy fixing. The braided braids can be laid in negligent nodes. Curtail them around the basis and fix by hairpins. It is possible to use also the decorative pins decorated with color beads. Have nodes at the different levels, so the hairstyle will look more originally. One more option suitable for romantic girls - wreath around the head. That the hairstyle looked more beautiful, decorate it wattled lace or thin tape. Comb the prepared hair on parting at the side. Separate lock at the left ear, divide it into three parts. Take the long decorative cord put in half and attach it to hair. Spin cone, conducting it through forehead and attaching thin locks from the bulk of hair. Do not pull together basket, having it it is free. Conduct braid to the right ear, and then through nape to the left temple. Having reached prior to weaving, fix the end of braid by thin elastic band and sprain tail under basket. Fingers randomly extend locks, without breaking structure of wreath. Fix hairstyle by varnish of weak fixing. To give to laying it is even more negligence, the thin handle of hairbrush extend couple of thin locks on both sides of the person. Wide fantasy braids are well combined with common clothes in daily style. Divide hair on straight line or parting at the side, slightly comb them and smooth brush. Separate three thin locks and weave them into the spit so that the bulk of hair remained inside. Attach thin locks from sides, trying to keep the volume of hair. Tie the end of braid lace or thin tape.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team