As it is correct to do self-massage of the person

As it is correct to do self-massage of the person

If you think that facial massage is necessary only for women who already had noticeable wrinkles, then you are deeply mistaken. The quicker you will begin to apply technology of massage to the person, rather at you need to address the cosmetologist and to spend money for expensive means as the effect will be noticeable already after a while will disappear.

The condition of skin depends on set of factors - both external, and internal. Most often she suffers from improper feeding, low-quality cosmetics or bad ecology. Therefore the special care is necessary for skin. And what can be better and more effective, than facial massage which can be done both in beauty shops, and in house conditions. We will consider in more detail the second option.

To make massage in house conditions, it is necessary to prepare face skin and to follow some rules for achievement of the best result:

  1. Begin with hot grass compress. It is necessary to warm muscles and to prepare the person for massage actions. The compress becomes for half an hour before massage.
  2. Apply special cream or oil. Jojoba oil with antibacterial effect will be suitable for oily skin of the person. For dry – natural oil of apricot, and for sensitive skin – oil of sweet almonds. It is necessary to put with circular motions, easily rubbing in skin on massage lines.
  3. Carefully wash hands or process them antiseptic agent to protect face from hit of microbes.

After all stages are completed, it is possible to start massage. It is necessary to do it on the main massage lines: from nose tip to the middle of forehead, from edges of nose and the center of chin to ears, from eyebrows and temples to the line of growth of hair. The zone around eyes is not involved.

It is necessary to repeat each procedure no more than 5 times. Duration of massage is of 15 minutes to half an hour. Time of carrying out depends on intensity of movements: than the intensity is less, that the session will be longer.

We begin massage with skin smoothing with two fingers on the main massage lines. We try not to use the efforts not to stretch skin. Further quiet and careful movements we pinch from time to time face skin, paying attention to problem zones. It is necessary to repeat this procedure about 5 times. After circular motions we rub skin, using the back of close fist. We finish session the slow massing movements, we wash face and we apply special cream.

Self-massage for pulling up of the person is the effective procedure helping to remain to the skin tightened, elastic, promoting return of healthy complexion. If to follow technology of massage and to meet all conditions, you will be able to forget what is wrinkles, and your skin will tell you many thanks.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team