As it is correct to do the summer make-up capable to sustain any heat

As it is correct to do the summer make-up capable to sustain any heat

In the flying especially there is a wish to look irresistibly. But how it is correct to make make-up that it kept longer and did not resemble mask?

The summer heat is capable to cause  not only internal physical discomfort, but to cause the woman set of troubles with make-up:  incorrectly executed make-up  just ugly will spread under the scorching beams of the sun.  To protect itself from similar trouble, it is enough to follow simple rules of summer make-up. Let's give councils from professional stylists and makeup artists.

How to make summer make-up, resistant to heat

In the flying on your face there has to be minimum of decorative cosmetics. The more  cosmetics layers you will put on the face, the bigger probabilities that your beautiful meyk-ap will float under  sun beams.  Moreover, during heat skin  more than ever needs  full breath therefore it is better to choose the means  which are not hammering time and with the light moistening texture. The tone cream base can be replaced with friable powder or fluid.

Try    to complete the summer make-up bag from means, the supplied special UV filters. Protection against harmful ultraviolet will allow to keep your skin elastic and young. Besides ukhodovy cosmetics with such sun-protection filters it is possible to buy also means for decorative make-up.

  Not to do without qualitative basis under make-up in the flying. If you apply tone means directly to skin – it is guaranteed will be smeared or will float from the increased  air temperature. The basis under make-up will make your summer meyk-ap  steadier,   but also, on base other cosmetics lays down  ideally exactly.

Cosmetologists consider the best     skin care product during the summer period thermal water. Only   it is necessary to buy product expensive and qualitative  and also know that thermal water cannot be used in the open sun – under   liquid drop beams, turn into lenses and     terms can provoke severe burns.  The correct use of thermal water allows to refresh epidermis,   to tone up and vitaminize it   sufficiently. Use means  not more often than 2-3 times a day.

Buy    professional fixer of meyk-ap for the make-up bag. This special  cosmetic  in the form of spray which is applied over  already ready make-up. Spray forms   steady film which fixes make-up on term and meyk-ap  will be capable to sustain any heat without spreading and ugly drips.  You do not stint, buying fixer – it is better to get means from brand with good reputation. 

Following  all these simple rules, you can  not be afraid for beauty and safety of the make-up in any weather and at any heat.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team