As it is correct to draw arrows in the eyes

As it is correct to draw arrows in the eyes

eyeliner on centuries gives to eyes expressiveness. But she can make look too rigid, and make-up - inaccurate. That bright shooters have really decorated your person, learn to select correctly cosmetics and to accurately put it.

It is required to you

  • - base for shadows;
  • - set of brushes;
  • - shadows of neutral shade;
  • - pencil;
  • - liquid eyeliner;
  • - gel eyeliner.


  1. That shooters laid down exactly and were not smeared, prepare eyelid skin. Degrease it, having wiped with tampon, moistened in tonic or micellar water. And under eyebrow apply special base for shadows on dry eyelid skin. It is issued in the form of cream, paste or pencil and prevents deleting and decolorization of all cosmetics for eyes.
  2. After causing base wait several minutes. Do not impose fat cream or liquid foundation on eyelids - the shadows and pencils put over these means will roll down or imprint on skin.
  3. Apply with soft flat brush on eyelids of shadow of neutral shade. If you like soft make-up, darken external corners of eyes shadows of more saturated tone. If you want to gain drama effect, leave upper eyelids light. Touch internal corner of eye satin white, cream or light-beige shadows - it will refresh look and will visually increase eyes.
  4. Choose cosmetic for eyeliner. The felt-tip pen gives the bright and accurate line which can be made thicker or thin. The soft powdery pencil draws more indistinct contour which is easy for shading, having created effect of smoky eyes. Well and the liquid eyeliner with thin long brush is capable to remove arrows thickness about hair. However this means is most whimsical and demands experience and firm hand.
  5. Beautiful and bright arrows can be represented by means of eyeliner in gel or mousse. She lays down more exactly, than the liquid liner and, unlike felt-tip pen, stiffens not at once, and in several seconds that gives the chance if necessary to correct make-up. Such eyeliner is put with professional brush with the curved handle or slanted rigid brush. Depending on the choice of the tool you can regulate arrow thickness.
  6. Gather eyeliner on brush and, holding it at right angle, draw with one confident movement arrow. That it was more equal, begin with the middle of upper eyelid. Conduct brush as it is possible closer to the line of growth of eyelashes. The arrow can be finished at external corner of eye or to prolong to temples, extending section. For make-up in retro style raise arrow tail up. Such reception will help to rejuvenate visually look if the eyelid is a little lowered.
  7. Draw arrows on both eyes and estimate their thickness and symmetry. If turned out to you it is pleasant, repeat the line, having made it more saturated. If desired it is possible to prolong it to internal corner of century. Thickness of arrow depends on the size of brush and intensity of pressing.
  8. You watch that the line went exactly and was not interrupted - otherwise at drying up the eyeliner forms ugly bald spots. Having put liquid or gel means, do not open widely eye - several seconds sit with the half-closed centuries. So you will save eyeliner from otpechatyvaniye under eyebrow, and yourself - from need to remake make-up.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team