As it is correct to dry hair phenom

As it is correct to dry hair phenom

Electric devices for laying injure hair. But if the curling iron or the iron can use seldom, then it is sometimes simple not to do without hair dryer. It is possible to minimize harm by means of certain rules to which all should adhere without any exception.

For drying of hair you need terry towel, hairbrush, round brush, hairpin and the hair dryer. It is better to use high-quality devices which control heating of air and have several temperature conditions: hot and cold. If you want to set result, in advance prepare means for laying, for example, wax, gel or varnish of average fixing.

Wash the head with shampoo use if hair dirty. If they clean, just moisten them and wrap the head terry towel to remove surplus of moisture. 10 minutes later start drying phenom.

Comb hair crest with rare teeths. Collect part of curls and record hairpin on the top. Below you have to have not thick number of locks. Choose suitable temperature condition, it is the best of all to put on minimum. You see round brush from roots to tips – the hair dryer you keep at arm's length 15 cm from hair at this time. As soon as the left row dries out, separate from the hair collected in hairpin still part and repeat the same that you have done earlier. Gradually you dry all curls, but at the same time do not damage their structure. The main thing, you do not hold the device too close. On average about 20-30 minutes of time will be required. If after drying phenom you want to wind locks by means of hair curlers or the curling iron, leave hair slightly damp, but not wet. In completion of laying apply wax, varnish or gel. In principle, the curls dried on such way already look attractively and do not stick out in different directions. Also natural gloss and elasticity remains. The phenom only in emergency situations is recommended to dry the injured hair when not to do without it in any way. Previously you put thermoprotection which envelops each hair and interferes with moisture getting out of structure.

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