As it is correct to dye hair

As it is correct to dye hair

Desire to look good quite often intertwines with need to save. If there was such case and you want to dye hair, absolutely to spread to anything the round sum for this procedure in hairdressing salon. If to exercise in the matter judgment, you easily change color of the hair independently and free of charge.


  1. Prepare hair for coloring. In 3-4 days prior to the procedure begin to apply daily on the head the moistening and nutritious masks. It will help your hair easier to transfer harm from the painting means and to receive less injuries. After coloring it is also desirable to use balms and masks for maintaining color and hair care.
  2. You apply paint only on dry and clean hair. It is desirable not to wash the head this day. But do not use paint at all if on yours of hair there were means for laying. In this case with coloring it is necessary to wait a day more after washing of the head.
  3. Carefully comb hair before coloring. It is necessary to apply paint from nape, gradually going down on the top. In the last turn it is necessary to paint over front part of the head and temples. Try to take small narrow locks. But keep in mind that process of drawing the painting means should not last more than 20 minutes, otherwise the shade can turn out at all not such as you expected.
  4. Contrary to the imposed councils never cover dyed hair with cellophane. It will not pass air and you can receive unexpected shade. Also it will do big harm to your hair.
  5. You do not hold paint on hair longer, than it is written to instructions. After the specified time carefully wash the head with warm water and use conditioner that dyes have ceased to influence hair. Use balm which was on sale together with paint. Let's hair dry independently, without use of the hair dryer. To do to anything to hair excess harm right after coloring.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team