As it is correct to look after face skin to make it faultless

As it is correct to look after face skin to make it faultless

Some unpleasant pimples disturb, others eels, and someone all at once. It would seem, everything is simple - it is necessary to descend to the cosmetologist and to solve all problems, but there are always some reasons. Many have no time or money and the campaign to the doctor is constantly postponed.


1. For a start it is necessary to understand the prime cause of developing of heat-spots. Most often, matter in food or in large amount of cosmetics applied to skin. Here it is possible to carry the fact that many ladies touch the person, dirty that has negative effect on state terms.

2. Healthy nutrition. It is one of the main factors of beautiful skin. Fat, smoked, flour — all this is harmful. Such food can be eaten only in very small quantity and it is quite rare. The best friends for women in pursuit of beauty — boiled chicken, the baked small fish, is a lot of vegetables and fruit.

3. Purity of hands. It is necessary to be accurate and to constantly wash hands, to carry with itself wet towel wipes or disinfectant.

4. Strict "no" to addictions. It belongs to smoking, alcohol intake and to stresses. These are "activators" of eels and other troubles. Reasonably it does not belong to glass of red wine.

5. Face care. Simple refusal about harmful, unfortunately, you will not achieve desirable result. There is huge number of ways of care for skin — various tonics, gels for washing, srubs. And it only cosmetics! Masks and srubs from natural products — strawberries, cucumbers are very useful.

6. Sport. It is always useful if it is correct to be engaged with the trainer and not to be overzealous. At sports activities the blood circulation improves, fat weight is burned and the excess percent of water is removed from organism. Bonus is the beautiful and tightened body.

7. Simple councils and several minutes in day will help you to get rid forever of undesirable "guests" on face and always to be in good shape. Important factor — it is regular to care for appearance. If week to lead healthy lifestyle and to look after itself, and then for week to throw — the result will not be.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team